[EVE Online] Well unfortunately the fabled “real life” has kept me from posting here recently, however while I’m here I’ll explain somewhat how EVE works.

There aren’t any true “classes” but you choose your race, what your character looks like (in very great detail), and your profession…however professions aren’t set in stone. You can be a miner one month…then a trader the next, only thing stopping you is your skills in the field.

As a Newbie you are given a “rookie ship” which is basically the only ship you will see for a while unfortunately, the slow grind of this game, in adverse to most MMOs where your newbie levels are the easiest… are the most difficult part of the game, and set aside people who have the time and want to succeed, to the people who enjoy a more fast paced experience. Basically you mine until you have enough money (and skill) to pilot a secondary frigate for mining…then you mine some more until you can afford and industrial ship….then again you mine until you have enough money to start running trade routes (500,000?)..and from there on, money is simple…. buy low, sell high and the shorter the trip, the better. It starts off slow, but eventually it will warm up, no matter how long the grind takes at the beginning…there are alternatives of course.

There are many corporations (guilds) that will let you join and give you a boost of 1,000,000 ISK or more as a starting amount….which in the end saves alot of time.

Hope I answered all your questions, if not let me know XD


6 thoughts on “GG PWNT!”

  1. I’m still curios. Sounds like the early stages is all mining. But is there battle during those early stages? If so, what is the purpose of battle? Fighting over places to mine? To take someone’s ore?
    Is the game fascinating and interesting? Is it eye-poppingly stunning enough to keep a sucker for eye candy like me glued to it?
    Other than joining a guild, can players party with others and is it a necessity?

  2. The game is nothing if not beautiful to look at. As for a free trial, I think there is a program of sorts that allows current players to get someone a free trial.

    I’d give the game another shot if I had someone there to walk me through it.

  3. Well, as much as alot of people don’t find it fun….I like it and although some aspects of the gameplay are slow…you can’t fully judge it when you haven’t gotten the full experience…As for grouping, you can form a “gang” and go out into 0.0 space and wait for a random fool to fall into your grasp…its not recomended unless you have a well equipped ship…

  4. Hmm, it sounds a little bit like a multi-player version of “Escape Velocity” (, except without the missions and the storyline.

    Ok, so far you have described the gameplay, now tell me the story. :-)

    What is the game about? Why are you playing in the EVE universe?

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