I’m A Carney

carnivalI love going to the carnival. You know the ones that travel from town to town. Every small town gets their chance to have a carnival and the whole city shows up. The rides get assembled and the carneys yell from the booths. “Win your girlfriend a teddy bear, kid!”.

I remember one carnival I went to in my grandparents’ home town. It started with a parade and ended with a concert. In the parade, they had soldiers in jeeps firing off blanks from machine guns and the shells sprayed all over the street. The kids ran out to grab handfulls even though they were blistering hot. I still have some of those.

One time I found myself at a booth where you would toss a dime and if it landed on a plate you would win a pocketknife. I only had a nickel but the guy said it was ok. I gave it a toss and it landed. I still have that pocketknife too.

Anyway, there is a new carnival in town. This one is for gamers. If you are a gamer, you should go check it out. If you aren’t a gamer, what are you doing reading this boring old site? Have fun!

– Ethic

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  1. The CoG was a success! That day my record high visitor count was smashed by more than twice as many visits. Thanks to everyone that came by my booth.

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