Argh :(

[World of Warcraft] After returning from my camping trip I looked forward to playing some WoW. However, I noticed my computer was much more sluggish than usual. It seems I was down to 2 gigs of hard drive space. So I go in and delete some files and run defragmenter and disc clean up. After that, my WoW won’t load properly. I might have to delete and reinstall the game, but I hate doing that especially with MMOs where that means downloading all the patches again. But unless I figure this out soon, that’s what I’ll have to do… argh.


4 thoughts on “Argh :(”

  1. Bummer! Let us know how that goes. I may be doing a re-install soon and would like to know what to expect.

  2. I do backups to CD-R/DVD-R every once in a while. Came in handy when I had to do a wipe (well didn’t have to, but really wanted to) and re-install everything. All you have to do then is install the game CDs, then over-write the game directory with the game directory on the CD/DVD backup. Saves a ton of time patching. Doesn’t ALWAYS work (out of 3, 2 worked and 1 didn’t) but since all your registry settings are there and all your updated files, you’ll be at the last patch you backed-up, not starting from the very first patch through the last. Even on a high speed connection that can take forever, especially with the lame Blizzard patch server.

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