Battlegrounds Day One

[World of Warcraft] The long awaited patch with Battlegrounds was finally released for WoW on Tuesday. I’ve been playing on the test server so I had seen a lot of the new content before, but it was good to finally experience Battlegrounds with friends on my server (and thank you Blizzard for making wands auto cast). In my last post I had wrote about how all but the most dedicated of players I knew were getting a bit tired of WoW. Those most dedicated player being in large guilds who were basically raiding nightly. Meanwhile, casual players like myself and some pretty diehard players that simply did no join a large guild were running out of things to do. Most of us were stuck doing nightly Dire Maul raids and dueling in front of Ogrimarr.

Now that Battlegrounds is out I take back much of what I said. Although the waits to get in to an instance are long at times, once you get in it is very fun. Even Alterac, which was almost unplayable on the test server due to lag is running well and generally very fun. Most of the people I knew who got bored of the game are back playing Battlegrounds. Yes, there are still many bugs and lots of things I wish they could change, but I think they’ve got me for another 3 months or so at least with this new patch. Hopefully, more Battlegrounds will be release to compliment Alterac and Warsong. However, the preview page indicates that the next big content addition will be the Blackwing Lair raid instance. Not having 40 level 60s in my guild, I will probably never see the inside of that instance.

For the record: I’ve only played Alterac and Warsong once each since they went live. Horde won both times. Now excuse me while I go play some more.


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  1. It’s interesting to me. You are the first person I have read say anything nice about battlegrounds. Are you still feeling good about them?

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