Zxyrox Saves the Day :D

[EVE Online] Well I’m back from my vacation and now that the war is all finalized and done with. I’ll post about the main causes and effects of the war and how it was finalized, and of course how I did my share in ending it. :)

We had war declared on us by a pirate/mercinary corp called Silent Guard, this corp was apparantly hired by another corp in the same system we are in, to take us out. Now we have a few hints as to who the corp is, but we aren’t sure yet and we are looking into it.

Silent Guard is a very small elite corp. Few members, yet they have very high skill counts and very good ships. Over all, we had the advantage, however our pilots weren’t organized well enough to take them. They would hang around our home system and pick us off one by one, we had a few skirmishes but they got away or docked and logged quite often. Therefore we couldn’t get them.

We had a bit of outside help though, from a millitary corp and an old friend of the corp who is the one who pulled us together and gave us the edge we needed to end the war. We had major advantages. One was that we were fighting on our home turf, where we could use Bookmarks and quickwarps to plan our attacks.

I lost overall 2 combat cruisers and 1 very expensive mining barge. Later on, the helper of the corp gave me a 20 million ISK outfitted ECM ship, which he gave in payment for my help with various odds and ends he needed. Later the next morning, him, I and another corp member were on and had spotted one of the Silent Guard in our system. He of course was hanging outside our corp hq waiting for us to come out. Thing was, only the helper was docked. He engaged the Silent Guard member and we warped in after him. Friend in a megathron, me in my blackbird, and the corp member in a scorpion (megathron and scorpion = battleships :) my ship = cruiser). I dampened his sensors resulting in him being unable to target us, and we locked him down with all the ECM we could muster, soon after his ship was dust.

He offered to end the war given we didn’t let slip the loss of his ship, for either he wanted the war over or he didn’t want his corpmates to know he lost a ship. To whatever the cause, he petitioned his CEO to end the war and we got our wish the weekend prior. It’s over and no hard feelings .and we will still try to find the corp who declared war on us. But for now peace is here. :D Anyway, sorry I haven’t been able to post recently. Just had nothing going on except the war and I wanted to keep it on the down-low. You understand, right? :P


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  1. ok ill write my own comment… …. ….. sorry drawing a blank…must kill more roids…

  2. My only thought was, are you risking anything by mentioning this person without mentioning names? I mean, won’t people in his corp figure it out and then start up the war again?

  3. It really doesnt matter, i didnt use names for the privacy of the people involved….the corporations however lacking names would leave it too vauge…and besides, everyone knows who they are in this and if he does start up the war, it will be by admitting defeat to his corpmates…or they will figure it out, but if what they say is true… they were mercinaries who were just doing thier jobs, and if they arent getting payed…they gain nothing by going to war with us again :)


  4. Afterthought: we have posted on our corp forums anyway, and they read our forums often and if they find out..it would most likely be from there…

  5. Good stuff.

    Nice to see the corp war isn’t always the ultra-harsh tool for greifing I usually think it is, and the drama of it all is quite fun. Looking forward to hearing about the eventual unmasking of the mystery corp pulling the strings, and their enevitable demise! :)

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