New update for Final Fantasy coming mid-July.

[Final Fantasy XI] Square Enix posted on the Final Fantasy XI main page that the new update will be available in mid-July. As usual, the update will include new quests, equipment and mobs. It will also include the conclusion to the Chains of Promathia storyline which, if it is handled the way the Rise of the Zilart storyline was handled, may indicate that the next expansion is around the corner. My guess? It will be released with the Xbox 360 version.

The development team is currently working on the next version update, which will include all the usual goodies–new quests, new Notorious Monsters, and various system additions and improvements–as well as the thrilling climax to the Promathia story. Watch this space for the latest announcements regarding update details.

The next version update is scheduled to take place in mid-July.

– ringthree