And so Begins The Pyroxeres Empire….

In EVE Online, I have started my attack on the asteroid fields of my corp system, having setup camp in the system and am now starting my full scale operation on mining the pyroxeres there. This is yielding me 10 million isk a day and I’m working most of my free time mining. This of course means I won’t be playing World of Warcraft any longer.

I’m finding WoW to be more boring everytime I log on. Less to do, feels more repetitive, more grind, and more PvP induced lag. I’m done with WoW until blizz gets a grip and trashes the honor system. They have 2 million players but I’ll see how long it takes for them to lose those subscriptions as more and more people put the can on thier accounts.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of WoW, but with all the PvP going on in the PvE server, it’s become so laggy it’s not even bearable and my level makes me absolutely useless in PvP combat.

So as far as EVE goes, I’m nearing 100 million credits, standing at 80 million now. Since the war is over and my self proclaimed war on the pyroxeres has left me with great income and around my system I’m known as “Zxyrox the Pyrox King”, I go out and mine 2 fields of it every day =).

Our Corp will also begin construction of our POS (player owned structure) this weekend, if all goes well we should be making it tomorrow. Today we did some ice mining, a long process but fun none the less. More info later, gotta go mine more ice. :)


5 thoughts on “And so Begins The Pyroxeres Empire….”

  1. I sent you mail regarding my EVE character, but no response ;-)

    How do you find mining Pyroxeres? I find that mining Scordite is better because it takes less cargo space. So while Pyroxeres is worth more per unit, per haul it is worth less than Scordite….

    Anyways, hope you get around to checking your email soon ;-)

  2. lol ill have to check my e-mail, i dont see a messeage but i could be looking in the wrong place… and i mine pyroxeres due to the fact i can sell the various ores from it for more then i can trint or pyerite :)

  3. Pyroxeres gives more mineral types than Scordite. Thus, it’s worth more for that reason. But Scordite is still good.

    Something that is funny (in regards to the point of your post) is that WoW should be infinitely more interesting than EvE. Think about it… the scenery is much more diverse, the world is much more colorful… In EvE, you can mine, kill rats, trade, or build stuff. It’s all pretty repetitive.

    And that has me confused. Why is it with so much more diversity in WoW, I find EvE SO much more interesting? Technically speaking, I should be bored with EvE after a week… yet the more I play, the more engrossing it becomes. The game defies logic to me. But I love it.

    Maybe there are more subtle things that make a great game, and I just have not figured them out.

  4. I sent it to your email. Otherwise my character name is Kristine Hall.

  5. Hey Winter. The confusion stems from the 6 different writers we have here. You sent it to me and I added you to my buddy list but have not seen you online when I am. hopefully one of the other guys has contacted you since, but I’ll keep my eye open for you.

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