Update of Irrelevancy

[Final Fantasy XI] As the resident Final Fantasy XI guy I figured it was my duty to bring you any and all updates for the game, but man, I wish they gave me something more that Chocobo rustlin’…

From the FFXI homepage:

Adventurers, take up your swords and staves! A plethora of action-packed quests is currently in the works for the upcoming FINAL FANTASY XI version update…

The following is a sample of the excitement that awaits:

*A quest requiring adventurers to deliver a lost chocobo to its home stables. Test your riding skills while competing for jaw-dropping prizes and the title of “Vana’diel’s Fastest”!

*Quests to obtain masks designed after your favorite beastmen. Only those who obtain the unique headwear will be able to unlock the equipment’s true power…

And that is only the beginning! Keep your eyes glued to this page for the latest in update information!

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team (6/22/2005)

Woohoo… Chocobo racing and funny-looking hats.

Stolen from the FFXI developers page.


One thought on “Update of Irrelevancy”

  1. I played a galka. Man, I looked silly on a chocobo. Not that looking silly ever slowed anything down in FFXI. My wife was watching over my shoulder when I was in my moghouse one day and says, “What is _that_?”

    “My moogle,” I tell her.

    “Looks like a flying catpig,” she says, shaking her head and wondering exactly what kind of idiot she’s married.

    Fun with Chocobos:

    – Get someone to cast invis on the rider and have him run around in circles in the newbie area while you and a couple of friends run around yelling “Loose chocobo! Help us catch the chocobo!”

    – This one I read on the forums: Newbie asks a rider “How’d you get that giant bird to ride?” Rider tells him, “You catch these in , and to catch them you target them and attack. You’re a little low for , but I’ll tell you what, I’ll jump off this one and you can catch it. Get ready!” So the rider jumps off and the choco heads for home, being chased by the newbie furiously trying to get a target lock on the choco. Rider then goes, “Aww, you didn’t catch it. What a waste.” One newbie felt so bad he tried to give the guy all his gil.

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