Mobs galore!

[Final Fantasy XI] In an attempt to keep all the level 75’s burning arrows and mana to get their merit points, Square Enix is changing around the mobbies in some of the Chains of Promathia areas. My guess this will be in the areas where people would run out of mobs to kill for experience point chains. Bibiki Bay has been mentioned as one of the possible areas.

Recently, FFXI’s incredible popularity has led to a population boom! The introduction of the Merit Point system and the rapid increase in the number of missions and quests have also increased the traffic in several select areas.

In order to allow everyone room to engage in battles to their heart’s content, the FFXI development team will be adjusting enemy locations in the next version update. The bulk of the changes will be to areas from the newest expansion pack, “Chains of Promathia.” These adjustments will give players more freedom when choosing where to battle.

The next version update is currently in the testing phase, so look forward to experiencing it soon!

They are probably just equalizing the mob distribution based upon player usage, while using this as an opportunity to toot there own horn.

Pilfered from the Final Fantasy XI webpage.