My Boss Is a Jerk

[EVE Online] I am warping about Gallente space, running some missions, shooting down pirates, when my contact asks me to deal with The Disgruntled Employee. Hmm, what is this?

Yes, I have something for you. Federation Customs recently sacked one of its employees after a routine inspection revealed a large amount of indecent pictures stored in his personal database. Sadly, this ex-employee wasn’t all too pleased with our decision, and has resorted to camping outside of our headquarters and harassing our customers. Fortunately though, we dug up some old offences this guy made and revealed them to the authorities, who promptly lowered his security rating quite a bit. In effect, he’s fair game. Please warp over to the location on the bookmark I’m about to give you and squash this little pest. I doubt he will survive for long, as some of our customers are heavily armed. So hurry up and take him out if you want your reward.

It is a short distance from “porn on the work computer” to “price on your head.” Of course I select option 1. No problem, I’ll do it, since camping someone’s HQ is rude. Let’s head to the mission!

The disgruntled smut-king’s hideout is supposedly located within this former asteroid belt which has been almost completely mined to oblivion. A suspicious looking hollow asteroid and a few barren rocks are all that remain of this once densely packed belt.

Ah, there he is, with two of the weakest drones I have ever seen. Checking info:

A disgruntled ex-employee who has been harrassing local customers.
Threat level: pathetic

Mission: success! Tomorrow: more heroics!

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “My Boss Is a Jerk”

  1. It’s becoming epidemic in nature… as I had a mission to hunt and “Terminate without severance pay” someone for that very thing.

    Porn’s incidious tendrils seem to be afflicting many in the workplace.

  2. Heh. They updated that one. Used to be he’d be sitting a brief jump away from the station, nothing around him, just one lonely, pathetic little ship. I always had unhappy images of some chubby, sweating otaku style geek in a pod wallpapered with pictures of boobies.

  3. Meanwhile in Caldari space, I am sent to dispatch a pirate groups leader habitat. I warp in and are presented with 15 ships or so…. 90 or so missiles and 360 iridium rounds later we have 15 destroyed ships and some space pirate leaders. Took me ages…

    Do turrets ever get any better? I’m looking at the Assault Ships and they don’t look that much better than my Merlin except that they get better ranges on their small hybrid turrets. Only problem is that my light missiles do around 75 damage and my turrets are currently only doing 15 or so. So even though I can get 4 turrets and 1 missile launcher, I’d say my merlin with 2 of each will output more damage… Are there more specialised small hybrid turrets that do a lot of damage? Railguns perhaps?

  4. for small hybirds.. 150mm rails are tops for dmg.. but medium hybrid allows for bigger railguns and better performance. If you look at the dmg/sec ratio, I think you’ll find that a 150mm railgun is on par with a light missle (assuming every shot hits, which it wont). Skills for those guns helps to decrease the miss rates, as well as increase the dmg per shot. Still, missiles are better due to not missing.

    I can take rats out much faster with my Kessie (4x Missile turrets) than I could in a Merlin. Simple reason being that I can fire of a salvo of missiles, then switch to the next target… usually by the time they get on target, my next salvo is ready. It’s a matter of tools: do you chip away with a hatchet, or slam dunk it with a sledge hammer…. Me personally, I like hammers… hehe.

  5. I think I’ll wait to see what happens with the next patch where they alter the missile skills. I’m keen to try some level 2 missions in my merlin just to see how badly I get spanked ;-)

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