I am a Ninja!

[Final Fantasy XI] More update information from our friends at Square Enix. Its not really much, just more storage tweaks mainly. The most important information though is the fact that Ninja’s can now create quiver-like bundling for ninja tools in much the same way that rangers have quivers for arrows. This makes alot of sense given that both ninja tools and arrows stack to 99. This will mean that I can store alot more ninja tools in the Mog House or on my character. It also means that I can buy more stacks of ninja tools while they are cheap and have them for later without having to mule them away.

Other information from the update includes new items that can be held by the storage NPC and new warp/teleport rings that are available for purchase through the conquest point system.

Here is the information in toto:

Bundling ninja tools, an addition to the storable equipment list, and new items earned by conquest points!

All this and more are coming up in the next version update in mid-July.

*Bundling Stacks of Ninja Tools
Similar to quivers, players will soon be able to bundle multiple stacks of 99 ninja tools as one item. The player can accumulate 12 stacks of 99 ninja tools in one item slot. In short, players will be able to carry twelve times more ninja tools in each slot than before!

*Equipment Storage
There is an NPC that players can talk to in order to have special equipment stored as a Key Item. This frees up inventory space for more items. Soon, Mythril Plate Armor will be added to the list of storable equipment.

*New Items Earned by Conquest Points
The Return Ring and the Homing Ring will be added to the list of items that can be obtained through exchanging conquest points.

Keep checking this section for more exciting news regarding July’s version update!

Mugged from the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team webpage.