The Promise of New Shinies

[City of Heroes] Cryptic has announced the next update to City of Heroes, Forest of Dread (in August). This brings us a new zone with four new villain groups, in which Statesman gets to show off his degrees in mythology and whatnot by showing us around the British Isles. New power sets and some other excitement I will not copy over. You can read. There seems to be interesting info about Issue 5 content gathered over here, including the now-defunct skill system. Aren’t Croatoa and Salamanca both American Indian tribe names? The latter mostly brings to mind a good book by Sharon Creech. We shall see how the background story for the zone goes.

I wonder how many people hold on because of the promise of new and shiny things to come. Most games release with something less than full content; City of Heroes’ major contribution to this trend was adding levels 41-50 in the first patch, which is probably a lesser sin than many games. Some games have gone more than a year without implementing everything listed on the box, even by generous interpretations.

I know that I will be around City of Heroes to see Issue 5 because I am on the three-month subscription plan. Were it not for that, I wonder if I would stay until August. For me, there is a six-month gap with no significant content additions. I am not really interested in PvP, so Issue 4 was mostly wasted on me. It brought new story arcs for Kheldians, and those have been good story arcs as far as I have seen, but that’s it besides Defender love and Scrapper nerfs. I took a few months off the game early on, since I had lost interest in the low 30s, but I have taken three characters to 50 since then. There is not much more content for me to see, and it is only so interesting seeing it from a different angle. I must make sure to have a level 25 character or two when the time comes.

: Zubon

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  1. I’m having quite a bit of fun with my Kheldian, but I’m making it a point to do as many of the arcs as I can. Hhhhmm what to do now though, should I stop at level 25 so I can do the new area? hhhmmm decisions, decisions..

  2. Update: new Kheldian story arc started at 30, ended at 30.25. From here, I can either re-do old content on a new character for the next 4.75 levels or … re-do old content on a different new character. Hmm, decisions decisions.

  3. Croatoa was the word found inscribed in the lost Virginian colony. All the colonists were gone without a trace, save for that word. Many thought it was in reference to the Croatoan, a local native tribe, and believed they had killed the colonists.

    Salamanca is a town (very old, dating back well over 200 BC) in Spain, not too far from Madrid. The word sounds familiar maybe because in the first Highlander movie, the detecive was trying to find a Toledo-Salamanca (sword) which lead her to the antique shop.

    (My ability to retain totally useless facts shows again)

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