Blizz Con Announced

[World of Warcraft] I know this is old news, but I was talking about it with my friends over the Fourth of July weekend and we were somewhat confused about the whole deal. They haven’t really announced what will be going on so I’m not sure how much interesting stuff will be there. Sony had their Fan Faire in Las Vegas which was a sort of Sony Online mini-convention. It didn’t sound like the best time ever, but hey, it’s hard not to have fun in Las Vegas. Blizz Con will be somewhere in Orange County, CA. As long as they keep the prices resonable, I might check it out, being an OC resident and all. The Anaheim Convention Center seems the most likely venue, although they might go for somewhere closer to Irvine.

Anyways, I was trying to get some others to commit to go with me, but the general response was “what are they going to do?” No one seems to understand what the thing will be about. Will it be mostly WoW and maybe about the expansion? Or are they going to throw something WC3, StarCraft, and Diablo players can get excited about? We’ll see, but I found on friend who will be there just to see if they have any models dressed as night elves.