Blizz Con Official Site Up

[Blizz Con] The official website is up and my guess was right: it’s going to be at the Anaheim Convention Center. 3 days of Q&As with developers and chances to play Blizzard games for a mere… $120!!?!!?1!!!/??!1!

Um… maybe I won’t be making it after all :( $120 to play WoW, StarCraft, WC3, and Diablo plus chat with developers (whom I’m sure won’t have that much to say)? It’s only $30 bucks to go to Comic-Con for a day and gawk at Kate Beckinsale promoting the the sequel to Underworld.


2 thoughts on “Blizz Con Official Site Up”

  1. Well, I mean, it depends on who your audience is. This is probably aimed more at people who might be able to write the ticket off. For example, I’m working on putting the Blog Business Summit together right now, and standard full ticket price is $895…so…conference go in a huge range, I guess ;)

    ps. you should check out my blog/gaming site sometime. You might like it.

  2. Oh yeah, $120 would be a huge deal compared to some other cons. However, I don’t see why they need to charge $120 (besides to help offset the costs). The target audience seems to be casual to die hard fans. The casual fans are what Blizzard needs. Part of WoW’s success is that a lot of people who have never played MMOs before tried it. I can say from personal experience that many of the casual players are dropping out of the game and an event like this would probably pump up enough people to keep playing a little longer. With the exception of those in the media, I don’t see who else could attend and write it off as an expense. This is a “for the fans” type convention similar to any comic book or, dare I compare, Star Trek convention. Neither of which I have ever heard of charging this much for regular admission.

    Sony’s FanFaire event cost the same price, but there seemed to be a little more to do there. I heard, mostly through word of mouth so I don’t know how accurate this information is, that Sony’s con had a hard time attracting attendees due to the cost, which was a more reasonable $70 in the past. In fairness, BlizzCon is a while away and they may announce more things to make the $120 worth it. Really though, they should just offer a $40 day pass.

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