[EVE Online] I have a new laptop for work/travel and I decided to install EVE in case I get bored on my next business trip (soon!). I fired it up and noticed something strange with my character. I was bald!

Ethic BaldEthic Hair

Hmm. Well they did just release a patch, perhaps they made some changes. I asked in our corp channel and everyone said I still have hair (although the comb-over comments were not needed, damn). So, I promptly logged into my main PC and sure enough I have hair.

Must be a driver issue I guess. But the odd thing is, everyone else still had hair. I’m the only one that went bald on my laptop.

– Ethic

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3 thoughts on “Glitch”

  1. Did you clear your image cache before checking on your main, or did your corp-mates? If not, you might be seeing old data, and the bald pate seen on your new laptop might reflect current reality.

  2. According to many people posting on the official forums, this is a bug with certain ATI video cards and certain drivers.

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