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[EVE Online] Every 16 missions or so, a contact will call you for an Important Storyline mission. Yes, that is what they are called. Anyway, they give you a bit of story, sometimes have a chain of missions, and are a nice break from repetitive missions. Yesterday, three out of four missions were “stop the Serpentis pirates who are harassing people nearby.” When I logged on today, I was excited to see a message from my usual Storyline contact. Hurray! What excitement am I doing for the Gallente Navy? Last time, I had to face waves of Caldari attackers to stop a double agent.

Important Personnel Transportation
Mission briefing
I have something important for you this time. One of our chief janitors has just started his vacation, and requested that I find a suitable pilot to transport him to Grinacanne I – Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant, where he’ll be visiting his aunt for a couple weeks. Since you’re looking for work, I thought I’d offer you this job. What do you say?

This mission expires at 2005.07.21 00:22:47
This is an important mission, which will have significant impact on your faction standings.

Excuse me? You want me to use a warship as a personal transport vehicle for a janitor? And I need to put down a 50,000 credit deposit on him. You know, just in case I try to sell him a few stations over. Good janitors are hard to come by.

It really did affect my faction ratings, too, 10x as much as my previous mission. Which involved dealing with enemies of the Federation. I dropped in faction with other empires, who apparently are really bitter about this janitor’s getting to take a vacation. (Random reference: the gardener who Prine Xizor tries to hire away from the Emperor in Shadows of the Empire. Poor guy.) This must be some Very Important Janitor. Maybe he will be the next Amarr emperor. If he doesn’t show up in future missions, I am going to quit. :p

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Important Storyline”

  1. Maybe he’s like Aragorn, the next KING! Cept he’s not a noble ranger, he’s a noble… er… janitor.

  2. HE must have been a damn good janitor, or hes a secret agent…and hes not really going to visit his aunt….hes on a secret mission to…..-gasp- he assasinated the emperor!!!!!!!

  3. Those janitors must have friends in high places. I give one a free ride home for “vacation” just the other day. Everyone seemed very happy with my taxi capabilities.

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