No Sign of the Janitor

[EVE Online] Zubon’s subscription to EVE Online goes on hiatus, due to the lack of a continuing janitor storyline. Actually, I found a lack of interest in entering 0.0 space, running missions, trade runs, or mining; in unflattering terms, gank or be ganked, running the same set of missions over and over again in hopes of an occasional different story not involving janitor transportation, AFK auto-drive for hours, or staring at rocks. Despite that characterization of the gameplay, I still expect to return to the EVE universe at some point. Rather entertaining at points, and an interesting concept for a skill system.

While the rest of KTR continues with the new shiny, I have hopes for that City of Heroes spark to strike again, Kingdom of Loathing has Ascension, and I have been rolling a lot of katamari. Also, conference next week for work, and being out-of-town tends to keep me out-of-game.

: Zubon