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Like Zubon, I have cancelled EVE Online. I could echo a lot of what he wrote below, but instead just read what he wrote below. For me, there is more. I am feeling little to no desire to play any MMOG right now. I’m sure it will not last long, but for now here it is.

I even reactivated my World of Warcraft account to see if that would help. After logging in to a brand new RP server and having two Paladins run into an area I was fighting in and then yelling at me to “find my own mobs to kill, ass” that I decided to bow to them and log out. That was some stunning Paladin roleplay, boys.

So what now? I don’t know. What I liked most is actual roleplay and grouping with people I know. It seems hard to find either these days.

– Ethic

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  1. If what you enjoy is actual roleplaying, I don’t know how much you are going to find in MMOs. Meeting up with your friends to do some tabletop roleplaying is always going to be superior to MMOs. However there is one thing available to you if you want to roleplay but still have a solid combat system:

    Its a diku based mud that is strictly roleplaying only and that rule is strictly enforced. Give it a go if you are serious about roleplaying online.

    I do however think that you will only get out what you put in. EVE is pretty much as open as it can be in terms of available activities (within the space flight sphere), but if you don’t get participate then it will start to get boring. Just like with tabletop roleplaying, if you don’t actually play a role and instead just treat it like rolling dice, it will get boring rather quickly.

  2. Yeah, it is exactly that. I need the roleplay or my friends to keep from seeing through the fantasy into the reality. When I am playing solo, I get bored soon and then I start to see the mechanics behind everything and I lose that spark.

    MMOGs are not the best place to find roleplay, but it is out there and not too hard to find. As for my friends, well they all play MMOGs but they have a lot more time to play than I do so any game with levels quickly becomes impossible to do much together.

    Ah well…

  3. I hate to sound like a shill for SOE but have you thought about giving EQII a spin? They have done a ton of minor improvements since launch and their last “Adventure Pack” was really pretty good. You might even find the community has more of what you’re looking for than Guild Wars or WoW. Admittedly that doesn’t address your issue of being burnt out on the whole MMO sphere and I am a bit biased because it’s what I play, but I figured I would throw it out there.

  4. Hate to sound like “d00d, can I have j00r stuffs”… but, how bout handing me that Ferox. And maybe the other ships ya got? I’m not going anywhere for a while, and it would really help.

  5. Yeah, I am considering trying EQ2. I do have the Trial of the Isle and have tinkered with it some. We’ll see.

    And Inhibit, I’ll happily give joo any stuffs joo want.

  6. I really don’t believe that you can fine good roleplaying in MMOs. The graphics work against it. How many MMOs do you know of where you can pause mid sentance and quirk an eyebrow at someone before approaching them menacingly with your nostrils flaring?

  7. I have to take what I can get with online games, because tabletop is not an option for me right now. But you are right, the quality is not there.

    Suprisingly though, the WoW server I was on last night had a tremendous amount of roleplaying going on. I was quite suprised.

  8. I play wow on Shadow Council which is an RP (for what it’s worth) server and have been pretty impressed with the level of not only courtesy shown to others – but the quality of the RP.

    Now granted – MMORPG RP and table-top RP are two different animals and your mileage varies as far as perceptions go.

    Still – despite the occaisional Uber-@$$ (which are found in table-top lairs as well) – WOW tends to be the most accessable MMO I’ve played.

  9. :( hate to see you and Zubon go, hopefully you will be back eventually, have fun in WoW….even though i hate it now….

  10. Most likely going to spend some time in Guild Wars at this point. WoW has it’s moments, but they are usually too few and too far between to pay a monthly fee for. EVE will be in my future, no doubt. I think Zubon is off to CoH again.

  11. Well, regardless of where you land, don’t be a stranger. Hope ya find what you’re looking for.

  12. I think it’s just hard to have a group of people truly playing together. There’s no collaboration and exploration. It’s all yells and screams and ego bursts.

    WoW transformed the guilds into greed-hubs where everyone goes with the FOTM, just applied to the guilds themselves.

    Everyone is there for the greed of loot and nothing else. And the game seems just about it. Competition over PvE loot and about who has more shinies.

  13. You are right Abalieno. It seems nobody wants to “play” MMOGs any more, it’s all about getting to the end as fast as possible to then prove how you are the best to all the other grinders.

    It’s all pushing me back to single player games. It’s too bad because I have had such high hopes for the MMOG industry over the past few years, but it seems to have gone the wrong direction. The success of WoW can only mean more of the same.

    I’m not the target market any more (as if I ever was).

    It really shouldn’t be that hard to find a small group people willing to commit to play one night every other week or something like that. Heck, if I could find a group that met up in-game once a month to play for 4 hours I’d be all over it.

  14. I know I mentioned it before, but no one seems interested… but really if you want online roleplaying, check out armageddon. Here is a player log:

    I’ve had some pretty hairy encounters before too… Got accused of being a traitor and was nearly executed on the spot, then was alsmost given the opportunity to fight (and I would have killed) my accuser, but then was set free mysteriously and so I fled from that city.

  15. Ethic, if you’re in to RP I think you should probably keep away from Guild Wars. From people’s character names to the chat going on around you to the weak PvE, it doesn’t seem to me to be an RPG fan’s kind of game. I was bored pretty quickly with it. I recently subscribed to EQ2 again and i’m enjoying it..its definitely orders of magnitude better than when I played it for a month after release.

    For an RPG game, I’m waiting for Oblivion, the sequel to Morrowind.

  16. flashman, Guild Wars is just about the last game I would expect to see any good roleplay in. The game has no monthly fee so that is a big reason why I still play it now and then. I play it like a single player game, because the other people that play (in general) are complete idiots.

    I should bust out my Morrowind disks again, that was a fun game.

  17. Ethic I dunno how you’d feel about a text MUD, and I heard one of your relatives already plays GemStone, but you should give it a try if you haven’t already. Sounds like almost exactly what you’re looking for. It used to be EXACTLY what you’re describing but going to the web changed it a lot. It’s more like the MMOs now but the fact that it’s not a graphic MMO I think helps it out a lot. Full text based games don’t attract veritable illiterates as you have to know how to at least spell at a 6th grade level to even function.

    GemStone has a lot of non-roleplaying ROLL players now, but it’s still got a ton of real roleplayers. They’re not hard to find there, and people are a lot more willing to join you in an “adventure” whether it’s going to a high level area you can’t handle by yourself or just grouping up for the fun of making hunting less mechanical and more a way to get to know someone. The GMs even award you an experience bonus (you gain experience faster) if they are hidden in a room watching and you seem to be playing your role well.

    The game shows a lot of technical info which a lot of hardcore roleplayers don’t like, but there’s also Dragon Realms which is a similar game with less numbers shown in combat. Drop me an e-mail if you’re interested and I’ll give you my character’s name. I’ve already made a few friends there and have found a couple of my old friends from when I played the game years ago. I’m having 10x as much fun now as I had in WoW, Guild Wars, or EQ. 30 day free trial what have you got to lose. :)

  18. As far as *playing* anything – (pen and paper, MUD, MMO, phone sex – whatever) – you’re going to have to deal with people and all the fun/aggrivation/exasperation that comes with it.

    Like life – you have to make as much out of the games you’re playing as you can without letting others inflict themselves on you too much.

    The sense of exploration is what keeps me coming back to WOW – and something that I love about MMO’s. Do I miss the interaction that comes from a *good* party of players around a dinner table? Sure I do. But in real life I haven’t had the opportunity to find a good (or any) gaming group for *years*.

    The grind fest that a lot of folks seem to let themselves fall into is a funny sort of testament to how most people live their lives; in a frantic rush to consume as much as they can (grind) – establish themselves in a place of comfort and power and lord over those that haven’t.

    You’re aren’t unhappy with the state of the games – you’re unhappy with human nature. Join the club ;)

  19. Nail on the head, Tomas. I realized late last night, due to some recent issues with the “dog bite incident” that I have been building up some major anger towards the dog’s owner and their lawyer. I think, perhaps, that I am just angry at people in general right now and it seems to be making it so I can’t enjoy much of anything.

    I think you may have keyed me into what is really going on. Thanks!

  20. Glad to help – (mispellings and all) – I’ve been walking around pretty disapointed with a lot of people since I got back from my last military deployment. That disapointment soured me on a lot. Takes time but it starts to work itself out.

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