[World of Warcraft] Tonight I teamed up with a random stranger who was playing a hunter and I was playing my level 9 druid. We did the Relics of the Wakening quest together and in the process I levelled to 10. It was fun working together. I was able to fight most of the time, and still had enough in reserve to pull off some amazing healing when the hunter needed it. In fact, at the end when I needed to run back to turn in a quest I managed to survive for a good long time with 6 or 7 creatures pounding on me. It is really nice to be able to heal.

Best part of hitting level 10 for me was the ability to travel to Moonglade which is a special Druid place (other classes *can* get to it I guess). It was worth the effort to get to 10 just to see it. Very nice and peaceful place, and I picked up several flight paths as well. I sense this place could become a travel shortcut in the future. As a night elf druid, I was hoping to see some tauren druids here, but the only ones I came across were the NPCs. Oh well, I have some more exploring to do there, it seem like a big place. Perhaps I will run into one later.

Up next is the quest to learn how to shapeshift into a bear. This druid might put a damper on my plans to play a dwarf priest on one of the roleplay servers. I’m having fun.

– Ethic

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5 thoughts on “Moonglade”

  1. I find this is often true, just when my desire to really play these games wanes down to just about nothing, I have a solid experience like you are describing that seems to make up for it.

    Either that, or I find a new shiny to distract me =P

  2. It just reminded me how important it is to see a new area once and a while. Keeps the game fresh. Seeing the same old thing wears thin fast.

  3. Bear shape will take place there (or at least end there)… just avoid the south side of the zone if your horde… as there is an alliance spot that is not exactly horde-friendly.

    The coolest mission (that I ever ddi) for Druid was the Selky form…. the ability to shape shift into a seal (aquatic form). Once you get that, you can stay under water forever… and you swim like a seal (very fast) too. The mission is not for the faint of heart… as it forces you to do things your brain screams against…. but it’s a good time.

  4. I find that most things good in WoW nowadays involve questing with other people. The problem is that each of the different classes is really cool until around level 50, where you stop getting *new* spells and you just level up the ones you have. At that point it’s just a boring grind until you can do raids…which I don’t really even have much interest in doing…

    I’ll get to druid sooner or later. Gotta finish my Hunter & Priest first ;)

    And moonglade is a pretty place–I wandered in there with my Hunter to turn in a quest I had from…Maraudon maybe? I don’t remember.

  5. Seems like it was a good weekend for WOW. I surprised myself and even ran into a team of guys that were RP’ing their assault on the Wetlands Dragonmaw Orc camp.

    I had 2 or 3 completely different groups in three different regions of the world. Each had its own flavor and fun-value and each was unique.

    Funnily enough – I even ended up ranting about the problems folks have RP’ing with one another in my blog. I hadn’t thought about it much until I’d read the posts here. For a bunch of game geeks – having a problem RP’ing with one another seems odd.

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