[Kingdom of Loathing] I completed my first hardcore oxygenarian Ascension today. If that means nothing to you, then you have never played this silly little browser-based game. I went with hardcore oxy as my first ascension since I thought I would not want to spend much time with KoL; I would be bound to having as few turns as possible, and since my randomly selected sign affected gains from food, that slowed things further. As it turns out, I have really been enjoying KoL lately, so I am looking forward to a run as a hardcore teetotaler Sauceror.

Oh, and hello to any Ascendance fellows who may have wandered over here. While I miss y’all, I just lack the urge to log into CoH lately. Ascension is like Ascendance, only different.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Ascension!”

  1. It’s a fun little game, too bad they deleted my Turtle Tamer because I forgot to log in for 6 months. Oh well.

    I just can’t imagine creating a new character and grinding through all the same content again. ;-)

  2. They have actually changed a fair amount of the content, or at least added new bits and flourishes. Skills reworked, new areas added, new adventures in various areas, flavor text, and all the stuff post-Ascension. Oh, and you can actually finish the game, since the Naughty Sorceress is there.

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