Froggie Went A-sailing

[Everquest 2] More game testing downtime (servers offline) led me to create a Froglok in the Trial of the Isle. I wanted to see if I could enjoy myself enough to justify the $30 box cost for a month of goofing off.

The intro movie is good, the style was sort of like a set sketches. I really liked the voice they chose and the visuals used. After watching that, my Froglok appeared on a ship sailing on the ocean. A Froglok looks just about how you might expect it, like a frog. It even hops when you move. Well, except for when you jump it seems. I don’t know if the animation is broken, but when I jumped the Froglok just levitated up in the air and then back down. Anyway, I really enjoyed the effect they made of sailing on a ship.

The captain greeted me and through him I learned some of the basics of how to move around and interact with the NPCs. He had me go talk to another person on the ship. Through interacting with these various NPCs on the ship, I learned all the basics I would need to get started.

Then, as I was just about to kill ten rats on the ship, I lost all power in my house. After the power came back on, my computer would not power up. Oh oh.

This morning before work I thought about the power strip. Sure enough, it was dead. My computer was saved from damage. Now I just need to get another one and I’ll continue my tales on the next testing downtime.

– Ethic

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  1. A few of us over at are trying EQ2 out. It is pretty nice from what I have seen thus far. As an added bonus Wal Mart has the game for 20 bucks. With deals like these how can you go wrong!

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