Why I dont play WoW… with any regularity.

[World of Warcraft] Well I have been busy. You know how it is, playing day in, day out. Well, just recently there was an 18 hour downtime for physical server maintence to the Final Fantasy XI servers. These happen about 3 times a year and since I knew it was coming I was planning to play WoW for a little while. I should have just read my new Harry Potter book…

In the time that I was playing, I would say about 3 hours, the game crashed out to the desktop two times, and the freaking server went down! Just my server… How often does crap like this happen? I mean the game crashes to the desktop with some regularity, so the software appears to be a little unstable. But how can just one server crash? Not all the servers but just one! If this is something that happens as often as I hear how do people play this game?

Maybe it was a bad day, but with Blizzard’s track record on “stability,” I dont think that is likely. Blizzard needs to stop giving empty promises of what is coming and get some people working on the “stability” thing. Every time they add something new the game becomes less stable. I mean have you ever stopped to read the patch notes for most items? Its not new things they are adding, its all fixes. Why release a game that has so many problems?

I understand that a company as big as Blizzard can have people working on content AND stability. This is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the stability of the new content. Any time new content is released the next three patches are fixes for the new content. If they had just kept the content for those three weeks and fixed it on the test servers then I would be a happy lad.

No more empty promises. Test your crap before you release it! Know what the issues are before you dump them on the players base. Everything with Blizzard is “rush it to the public, it doesn’t matter if it works, the hype machine solves all ills!”

Oh and my guess is that you are not going to see an expansion anytime soon OR you are going to get an expansion but you wont want it… neither of these are good options.


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  1. Our server was rebooted last night to solve “instability” issues. It came back up within 10 minutes. Not that much of a loss. But other than that I haven’t had any problems for a few months. It seems to be getting *better*, but still not as good as it should be.

    I haven’t had the client itself crash in months and months. But I’m using a Mac, so maybe it’s more stable than the Windows version.

  2. If you’re getting a lot of crashes, try running the tool found here…


    I have had to run it a few times to clean up corrupted WoW texture maps, etc. The symptoms would be that everything would be running fine, then *pow* repeated crashes to the desktop, reporting things like, “Invalid data found in *.mpq”. Give it a try.

  3. One other comment. Not to be a fanboi, but excepting WoW I’ve found Blizzard’s software to be far and away the most reliable game software I’ve encountered. I played Diablo until I got my three dots, and it crashed _once_, and this under Win95. I don’t think I _ever_ saw D2 crash to the desktop. This isn’t to say all was hunky-dory with the servers, that there were never any dupe bugs, etc. But compared to some other MMORPGs I’ve experienced (Anarchy Online anyone?), WoW is fairly solid.

  4. I myself complain about the WoW servers at times.

    On the other hand, I lived through:

    1. DAoC and the slide shows that would happen whenever you tried to PvP (which was supposed to be the game’s big thing)
    2. Anarchy Online. Stop the burning!
    3. Hosting and running a Neverwinter Nights persistent world. Self-inflicted pain!
    4. The highly humorous first 6 months of Star Wars Galaxies. Very frequent and random disconnects. Chat channels just stopping. Guild chat broken more often than not. Warping and other nice lag. Hmmm…actually, I played Galaxies for over a year and it was never as solid as it should have been.

    Let’s not even talk about the EA hosted Battlefield 1942 server that my friends and I decided to chip in for. That never ran properly and we were paying for it! (more than WoW)

    I’ve actually become rather spoiled by WoW’s performance, to the point where I start to whine very quickly as soon as things burp.

  5. Blizzard has up until the release of WoW been known for delayed relases. Anyone remember how StarCraft was delayed like 3 times, for a total of almost a year? I do, as I was going nuts for it to come out. And when it finally did, it was about as perfect a game as I can recall. But that was not an MMO….

    Sad fact of life that will never change is that MMO development companies are there to make money, and usually have someone holding the purse that is constantly putting pressure on them to release. I dont know of a single programmer/artist/designer that -wants- to output half-ass crap. But it is seldom their choice in the realm of MMOs. Some companies are better at pushing back (Turbine, Cryptic, Blizzard) and put out at least a functional product. While others can’t, and give us things like Horizons, AO, and SWG.

    The only thing that will ever change that model is the consumer refusing to pay for substandard… or there being some really rich investor with a passion for games backing a company for the love of the game, and not the money.

  6. WoW has vastly improved in stability since it began. Servers were laggy and would go down pretty regularly. Now, laggy servers and crashes are fewer and far between.

    BTW, WoW fixes its content because there is problems with it. Its taken FFXI how long to fix just SOME of its problems? Honestly man…you’re just dogging. Also, FFXI was out how long before it was out in America? Did you play when FFXI first came out in Japan? By the time it hit America you were playing a much more stable and polished game.

    Also, WoW puts plenty of content in its patches. New dungeons? Battlegrounds? New equipment? The new content added to WoW is content that people will use. Can I bring CoP into this? Hmm…lots of unused areas. Minimal increase to equipment. It added plenty to the story and that’s good. But problems with Dragoons still exists, right? I remember right before I quit, one of the minimal fixes to DRGs was a CHANGE TO THE NAME OF ONE OF THEIR ABILITIES!

    Sorry. You dog, I dog.

  7. Dunno – I’ve been playing for about two months now – so I don’t have the full experience that others do regarding the ‘dark-days’ of Blizzards inability to keep up with demand. What I’ve experienced is irritating but not pervasive. Outages happen. I work in IT and know that despite the best intentions – the environments in question are amazing complex both from a software and hardware point of view. The number of things that can cause a disconnect are boggling and they run the gamut from hardware problems, connectivity issues (that aren’t always caused by Blizzard), and the fact that software – no matter how well developed – can take on a life of its own and dump your servers.

    Knowing how many people are on my server and all those potential links of failure (and working in the IT industry myself) make me a little more tolerant of the odd disconnect.

    Now – I’m not saying we should all give them a break and be more tolerant of instability – if it doesn’t work – we should complain. But when you look at the technology involved – I’m friggen amazed that any of it works as well as it does ;)

    Cut scenes in WOW *would* be kinda cool. I’m not missing them though. Of course my own feelings about FFXI are somewhat less than shining. I’m old school FF – and don’t much care for the art in XI. But beyond that – I’ve never forgiven Sony for not letting me remap the goddamn controls. I’m left-handed and game on a laptop – which pretty much means that FFXI is around 12 gig of uselessness on my hard-drive (silly maybe – but it’s my reason and I’m sticking to it.)

    My .02 anyway

  8. luifa: I would suggest that you know absolutely nothing about the current state of FFXI. ^^

    I was not indicating that WoW does not add content, but that the added content is buggy and requires three patches after it is introduced to be fixed.

  9. You weren’t indicating that WoW doesn’t add content? Oh really? I could have sworn you said this: “Its not new things they are adding, its all fixes.”

    As for me not knowing anything about FFXI…well, that’s not true. Seriously, the only thing I stated that would probably be untrue is the unused areas, since I know there was something in a new update that added better leveling enemies to other areas so that people would have more of a choice, so perhaps more CoP areas are used now, and perhaps more CoP areas are used for missions, I wouldn’t know. All I know is that when I left, the areas were pretty much just there. Hell, my LS took a vacation to that owl place (can’t remember the name…”something point” I believe) just for the hell of it, but there was no use there. As for DRGs, from what I’ve read, they’re still pretty looked down upon. Also from what I’ve read, there hasn’t been that great of an increase to FFXI’s already linear equipment system. Two out of three I’m pretty sure I nailed.

    But hey…rather than argue, let’s just look at what I was trying to point out. All you’re doing is constantly putting WoW under the microscope. Do you have some grudge against it or something?

    As for who knows absolutely nothing about FFXI…I think you’re more up for that position than I. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re the one who said this totally untrue statement: “The price structure for FFXI is enough so that you can have 4 mules and still pay the same as WoW.”

  10. Lufia I said they add content but it take three weeks for it to be stable.

  11. In fact, you have taken alot of what I have said incorrectly or have incorrect information about FFXI.

    WoW has 3.5 million subscribes. I am not going to kill the game by point out its flaws.

  12. And no one says you are. In fact, you’re not the only one pointing out this flaw. If anything, you’re about the last one to point out this problem. The problem is this: that’s all you do. I have yet to see a post from you not criticizing WoW or saying really anything truly positive about it. I’ll take a quote from you again: “Everyone bitches. They bitch about everything. They bitch about bugs, they bitch about nerfs, they bitch about RMT, MPK and anything else in the alphabet soup of complaints.” Seems kinda ironic.

    BTW, if I’m so incorrect about FFXI, why are you so reluctant to set me straight? If I’m so misinformed, don’t you think you should inform me? Simply stating that I’m misinformed and assume your word beats mine because you currently play FFXI doesn’t cut it.

  13. Both WoW and FFXI are very good games. The biggest problem with FFXI in my opinion was the difficulty to solo and the lack of quests in general (I know they have plenty of them, they are just not always so obvious). I still miss FFXI for several reasons.

    The biggest problem with WoW in my opinion is that the game is too popular. The lag and the PvP fighting in my questing areas was the number one reason why I left. That and the fact that almost all my friends quit for the same reasons. We got tired of the instability and the queues on our server. The only one still playing WoW is raiding every night, often the very same instance too.

    I would play either of them if a few of my friends decided to go back and play.

    I will say one thing, as far as updating and adding content to a game, both of these games suck in that area. Turbine spoiled me with new monthly content every month, nobody else seems to be able to do what they did.

  14. Lufia from what I can see you have only made a few non-opinion statements. Here are my responses:

    “WoW has vastly improved its stability.” This is a sad statement, if you think about it. I have already explained my experiences, if they are representative then that is not good. If they are not representative, well then good, but it is the reason that “I” dont play it as much.

    “FFXI doesn’t fixes its problems.” What problems? Please expand.

    “FFXI doesn’t add content.” I am sorry that you were unable to experience any of the new content. But seriously, it takes about 30 minutes of planning and prep with a level 30 character to get into the CoP areas. You are just so dead wrong on this its just silly. Both WoW and FFXI add alot of content. My question was not about the content being added but the stability of the content that is being added. As I already said. Twice.

    “Drg sucks.” You sound just like the ignorant FFXI players (proving this isnt a game war thread). I play as a dragoon. There is nothing wrong with it. There is player bias but there is nothing you can do about that. (It from a two year old nerf and its basically all but gone now).

    “Pricing Structure” FFXI 12.99 a month. + $1 per mule. WoW $15.99 a month. I was off by a mule. Sorry :rolleyes:

    I am done with you now, I will have something for you to bitch about soon enough ^^

  15. 1.) WoW has increased its stability a lot. You remember all that lag when looting forcing you to log out? Constant server crashes on weekends? Doesn’t happen very often any more. Vastly improved. Yes. Did I say they were perfect? No. Improved. Yes.

    2.) FFXI doesn’t have problems? Talk about blind fanboyism. Perhaps you’re thinking more along the technical part and not actually flaws in the gameplay itself. If so, then you’re right. FFXI is one stable mofo of an MMO.

    3.) I never said FFXI doesn’t add content. I might have hinted at one content they add is questionable, but I never said they outright don’t add content.

    4.) Hmm…from what I hear, DRGs don’t have good later-game WS for SCs, their weapons aren’t exactly useful for later-game enemies (dunno if this is changed), and overall, their functionality is overshadowed by other jobs.

    5.) You must be getting ripped then. WoW is anywhere from $13-$15 a month. You were off by two or more depending on your payment plan. You also forget to mention that in WoW you can have 50 characters for free.

    And again, this isn’t about which game is better or if my statements are true or not. Who gives a hell if my opinions on FFXI are incorrect? My point was that all you do is act as if you’re jealous of WoW or something. That’s all you post about when talking about WoW is “why do people like it” or “WoW needs this” or “this is why I don’t play WoW” and BS like that. No one cares about your whining/envy/BS. Whatever it is. I’d rather go read the friggen shaman class boards on the WoW website if I wanted to hear stuff like that.

    Perhaps if you wrapped your posts up in something intelligent, I might buy it…but honestly, you only sound like you hate WoW or something. If you do, then great…I don’t think we need to hear about it. I mean, that is if Ethic wants to give me a position so I can rant about FFXI all the time. I’d be happy to.

  16. The reason you dont get it lufia: “And again, this isn’t about which game is better or if my statements are true or not. Who gives a hell if my opinions on FFXI are incorrect?”

    Exchange WoW for FFXI and you will see the problem here. We are different sides of the same coin. You like WoW and I dont, I get to voice my opinions. And if Ethic lets you on the staff then you can too…

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