Going Planetside

[Planetside] Yep that’s right. I’m going to reactivate Planetside. I’ve been jonesing for it and with my limited free game time that is not being used by testing MMO’s being so … um, limited, I wanted something I could jump into and out of easily.

Planetside fits the bill at the moment. Anyone out there with a good squad that I can join and subsequently get us all wiped out, let me know.

I was just looking and I see they have a few expansions. I’ll have to read up and see how much they added. Looks like it is only another $9.95 to buy so not a huge deal. Perhaps someone can fill me in on the details and if they are important to have or not.


– Ethic

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5 thoughts on “Going Planetside”

  1. The only expansion to date is ‘Core Combat’, which allows access to the underground alien space-caves (A lot more ‘Unreal Tournament’ style than the main game’s ‘BF1942’ style), and in turn, the big robots.

    I’ve always thought the game works fine without it, being a lot more ‘chess-like’ and self-contained than the usual MMO, but as you say, it’s only $9.95 extra, which probably isn’t worth what you get, but isn’t a lot of money in itself.

  2. So I assume you don’t need Core Combat to play right? I’d rather just play as is to see if I can still have fun.

  3. Sounds like it’s a moot point now, but I used to be quite into Planetside and refused to buy Core Combat for a very long time. I finally did purchase it when it got below $10 just because it was worthwhile for a couple of weapons (especially the Spiker if you enjoy cloaking). In the end, I was so glad I bought the expansion because the caves which I had avoided for ages became my only sanctuary. When SOE introduced BFRs they pretty well destroyed the complete dymanic of every battle topside, and those stupid robots aren’t allowed in the caves.

    They were allowed in the caves for couple of weeks. That was probably the worst 2 weeks in Planetside history, followed closely by just about anything else to do with BFRs. I tolerated those things for a few months before I realized how little SOE cared about their consumer base and decided it was time to use my consumer vote towards Blizzard instead.

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