Down In Flames

I tried to reactivate my Planetside account, but they appear to have lost it somehow. My account only shows Everquest and Star Wars Galaxies now (both cancelled). I cannot create a new account because my CD key was already used (by me). So, no Planetside. The online customer support will only help me if I can give them the credit card number I used when I registered that account. I don’t have that credit card so I can’t tell them. I switched banks you see.

So any way, even though I have the original CDs and the key code, and the Station name I registed the key to, they can’t help me. I think I can remember why I stopped playing Sony Online Entertainment games. They could even look up my account and see it was me, but without the credit card number I originally used, no help. Whatever, I didn’t want to play that badly.

– Ethic

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5 thoughts on “Down In Flames”

  1. World War 2 Online is having old accounts reactivated next week, and a free open beta from Thursday to Saterday….

  2. Hey, granted that is annoying. However it is not near as bad as TMO which requires you to call in (and explain why) in order to cancel your subscription.

    They claim that it is done this way because it allows them a chance to help users who are having trouble. So my first thoughts are “Oh, because you wouldnt help them before, but are now willing because they are going to stop paying you?”.

    I just said “Ah ok.. I see.. no I’m canceling simply because your game sucks!”

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