Need More WoW?

So, you are away from your computer and you get an itch for a little World of Warcraft. Just can’t quite get enough of that game you say?

Well, your prayers have been answered. Yes, the WoW Trading Card Game is on it’s way. Finally, we can get a little more of that sweet, sweet WoW.

– Ethic

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2 thoughts on “Need More WoW?”

  1. CCGs…been there…done that…don’t plan on poking my head there again, espeically one being modeled after an MMO. That’s very similar to all the anime CCGs popping up.

    I gotta admit though…they’re fun and can waste your money fast.

    Too bad figurine based games haven’t really caught on as much as CCGs have. I always found games like Mage Knights quite fun…though, you probably look like a bigger idiot playing with toys than cards. >.> I had a short lived obsessing with figurine based games, and luckily the figures I had payed for themselves (plus I have tons of figures left over if I ever feel like popping out the rule book sometimes, but I don’t have any good figures left =/).

  2. Gotta agree. While I’m stupidly happy to cough up near $30 a month in MMO fees – I have not yet – and likely never will – fall into the CCG trap. I know some people love them – (gawd blessum) – but they’re just not my thing.

    I love the idea of figurine gaming – though I personally haven’t gotten into yet. The fact you can be of my advanced years and find a vaguely plausable excuse to keep buying toys is something that gives me untold happiness.

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