Foreign Waters

[World of Warcraft] I finally picked up WoW and will be installing it tomorrow when I get back to LA. I am completely unfamiliar with the game since I learned very little in the three hours I have under my belt (which I have mostly forgotten). I have heard reports of players waiting in long lines just to get on some servers.

Are there any suggestions for which server I should play on?

– Spot

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    Find a server with low population, and 50/50 horde/alliance. Also check the realm forums for complaints of crashes, lag etc. Find one that fits best with your time. Since character transfer is *very* limited atm, research is essential. I made the mistake of joining a random server (Lightbringer) and am waiting for open transfers to move my alliance character off. I am playing horde on Dunemaul now, and its fantastic (was 50/50, prolly different now transfers there have been done). One of the main reasons I moved was for shorter battleground queues, which the population has huge effect on. Although if you are only interested in PvE, then more of your faction may mean more people to group with.

  2. If you want to PvP you’ll want a server that has battle ground instances running often. On Khadgar we’re lucky if Alterac Valley spawns once a week. Many of the smaller, or grossly team imbalanced servers, rarely if ever get battlegrounds started.

    If you want to do endgame raids you’d want a high pop server with active raiding guilds.

    If you don’t know anyone playing currently you could just glance at some server forums and note the amount of whines/rants.

    If you don’t care about either of the above try Khadgar. It never has a queue and isn’t one of those lemon servers that is always being taken down for some reason. There are more alliance that horde so play a horde if you want to balance things out.

    Class wise I have the most fun with my shadow priest. You’d want to be dwarf or undead if you go that route.

  3. I play Horde on Hellscream and Alliance on Argent Dawn. If you end up on either one, I can help you out with a little gold and some bags perhaps (if you want). Let me know.

  4. Argent Dawn is a good RP server – I have a refugee character over there (for when my primary server – Shadow Council is down.)

    If you pop in to Shadow Council look for Windpaw or Tamzen. They’ll be glad to show you around and give you the lay of the land.

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