Promyvions: The gateway to the expansion.

[Final Fantasy XI] The Promyvions (Promy’s for short) are the first set of quests to get through to open some of the new areas that were introduced in the Chains of Promathia expansion. An expansion that was introduced 9 months ago.

I would just like to know what has caused people to think that the promy’s are difficult? Last night, I led a group to beat Holla (my third successful run) which is thought to be the most difficult Promy. The party was war/nin, war/nin, sam/war, drg/war, blm/whm, whm/blm. This is a basic xp party for lvl 30. No smn, no rng. Oh, and we broke the server record for Holla.

The really sad thing to me was that of the people that I was taking through the promys one person had failed Holla 4 times, and one person had failed Mea 4 times and Dem 4 times… I mean, come on, Dem? The Dem bosses special attack is “Makes silly faces!”

Do people just not know that animas make the run incredibly easy? Do people not have strategies for the bosses? Do they not come prepared?

I mean the lack of understanding extends outside the bosses also, some people think that the mobs on the final level of the promys are some undefeatable foes, when in fact they are only T-IT mobs that you would be leveling on if you were in an xp party.

Any insight into this would be appreciated.


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  1. Well, I think what you say is true. It’s probably just lack of information and/or pickup groups.

    I remember I got into a pickup group for my first promyvion (the one with the boss that makes babies). I think we wasted like 4-6 hours total getting a huge raid (forget what they call them in FFXI XD) together and getting to the boss. Then we got to the boss and my group lost because the WHM (or was it SMN/WHM?) DCed. When they logged back on and were near the enterance so they didn’t have aggro…but they just went and ran into the boss and died instead of waiting like 30 minutes (or whatever the time limit is) to wait and rez us and try it again. God…that was a pisser. We got it down like halfway. Fun stuff though, just wish people weren’t idiots.

    I believe since then they’ve nerfed the Promyvion’s bosses haven’t they? Or something has made them easier. Animas also weren’t well known at the time we attempted Promyvion. That’s how I like it though. I like exploring new content before the internet is filled with fifteen thousand ways to beat this boss.

    I never completed a Promyvion (in fact, never attempted another one before I left…though I did try going LFG for one every once in a while, not to mention my good, yet lazy, LS setup a promyvion weekend but people failed to show up and shrugged it off as just another FFXI weekend.). So yeah, as to why people can’t do them now is beyond me unless, like I said, they just don’t know what they’re doing and/or it’s a crappy pickup group.

  2. The Promyvions have a reputation for being difficult because, when Chains of Promathia launched, they were. It was nearly impossible to take down the Memory Receptacles on the higher levels without massive DD (rangers, summoners, black mages) and most of an alliance backing them up.

    As for the for the mobs on the final level: No, they aren’t that tough. They use some nasty special attacks, but they’re nothing special. Why people are so afraid of those is something I don’t know, but I think it’s because so many people have an immense fear of any mob that isn’t a crab/pugil/beetle drilled into them after countless hours on the EXP treadmill.

  3. Just like Brant said, the promyvions were much harder when they were initially released. I did all my promys the first week, and they were incredibly tough.

    The strays were hard to kill by themselves. What would happen is, you could kill the MR but still have strays left. If you tried to port and a stray attacked you, you were unable to teleport. So you had to kill all the strays. No problem nowadays (ranger can 2-hit the ones on the top floor) but before they had much more life. The teleport also had a much shorter time, so you had to kill the strays fast, or have to find another MR to kill and try again.

    Another thing that makes these easier is anima. I never saw one anima drop the first 10 or so runs I did through there (I lead an ls and went with players who needed it.). I did it a few days ago and we got 3 animas to drop on our way through Promyvion-Dem. Also the RNG could 1-shot strays on every floor except the last one.

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