[World of Warcraft] I ended up playing my level 28 undead rogue on Hellscream for an hour or so tonight. Relocating to Thousand Needles from Tarren Mill (which killed the game for me) made a huge difference in getting things rolling again. Killed a lot of centaurs on the edge of their camp. Felt very rogue-ish. Getting close to level 29 now. That would make him the highest level I have ever gotten to in WoW. Sad.

Anyway, I had forgotten how fantastic and majestic the scenery in WoW is, at least to me. The Undercity and Orgrimmar are both just a lot of fun to look at.

It only took me about 30 minutes to remember how to play a rogue, it is not a simple class to play really, lots of options to play with. It feels good to be back, even though the lag on this server is still pretty rough at times. I’m awfully tempted to start a new character on a low population server, but I’m not sure I want to go through the low level stuff yet again. I have not played an Alliance character past level 18 (in beta) so there is at least some fresh quests on that side for me. We’ll see how aggravating the lag gets.

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6 thoughts on “Hellscream”

  1. I went back to Hellscream as well. But instead of just grinding away with a lvl 60 character, I made a new mage (undead) and have been having fun. I’ve managed to get him to 23 in about a week. Instead of farming/grinding all I have really been doing is running quest after quest. So the levelling is slower, but that’s fine by me. I’m in no hurry this time around.

  2. Ha! “I’m in no hurry.” “Level 23 in a week.” Ha! Heck you’ll pass me by in another week. No hurry my ass.

  3. I hit level 28 at 73 hours of playtime on this toon. That in no way is ‘in a hurry’. I’m sure your time on your lvl 28 is close to that. The reason is seems I level faster is I do, in real time. That is to say, I levelled to this in about a week real-world time. However, the actual time spent on this character is not 1 week. The reason the ‘real wolrd time’ is less… is because I spend more time in the game.

    You have a life, and thus you have less time to spend on the game. I have no life outside of work and gaming. So you win, IMHO.

  4. I just wish I could play a game with you once and a while, bro. I think my /played time on my 29 rogue is 4 or 5 days.

  5. I wish you could too. You got a family, and some pretty great kids you need to look after. How your kids progress is a better levelling meter imho than how an avatar gets levels/skills.

    Play when you can, but focus on the important suff. =)

    I’m back in WoW for now… the EvE thing really pissed me off so dunno I will be back there anytime soon. Not sure if you got the info on that… Zxyrox can fill you in. WoW seems…. peaceful to me now… so that’s where I will be for a while. =)

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