Lufia reporting for duty.

Hello. Perhaps some of you have seen me around here leaving comments. Well, I’m going to be writing stuff for you to leave comments for now!

Anyways, I’m 18 years of age and I just started college. I was interested in writing for this site before summer began but I wasn’t sure if I were going to be playing any MMOs any time soon due to me moving on to college. It turns out that I am able to play MMOs! To make a long story short, I’m building a top of the line computer currently but do not have the funds to complete it, so I’m using a pretty average to below average computer that I built right now. I wasn’t sure if it was going to run the MMO I play well or not, but it turns out that it runs it well enough.

And which MMO do I play, you ask? World of Warcraft. Before that, I played Final Fantasy XI starting at the PS2 launch (I eventually moved to the PC platform for anyone wondering), and I have also dabbled in Guild Wars and some other dinky free stuff. I do not consider myself a very experienced “MMOer.” I’m actually quite new to the PC scene as well. I only really started getting into PC games, namely online ones, a year or two ago, starting with Counter Strike. All the while, I’ve always been interested in MMORPGs since Everquest came out. I remember reading over and over a three part article in a magazine about Everquest. This was before the time I even owned a PC and the only access to one I had was at my Dad’s house, who lived two to three hours away from where I lived with my Mom. I eventually bought EQ and found out, as many kids have, that it has a monthly fee, and thus my parents made me take it back.

It wasn’t until I got interested in FFXI through, yet again, a magazine that I started my MMORPG craze. By then, I was able to pay for the fee and my parents were more open to the idea of the internet. I quit FFXI out of lack of interest. I left with a level 50 Bard, level 37 Thief, and a level 32 White Mage as my only notable classes. Most would say that I didn’t even get to the main content of the game, and I was aware of that, but the amount of time I had to spend trying to find people to help me and the countless farming I knew I had to do just turned me off. I had played WoW’s open beta and I had the urge to start a new MMO, so one day I just went out and bought it. My brother, who also plays online games just as much as I, wasn’t interested in FFXI much (his highest character was a level 25 Warrior) so I thought it would be good for both of us to just begin a new MMO.

I believe I began WoW around March. I started as a Troll Shaman named Ardant and took him to level 57, but then I had to move to college just recently. I ended up giving the account with the Shaman to my brother and I started my own account. I wasn’t having much fun with Shaman anyways. Despite all the “nerf shaman” hoo-ha you hear, they’re not that interesting of a class, in my opinion. I am currently a level 22 (almost level 23) Gnome Mage named Felandra (yes, I do suck at names) on the Shadow Moon server and I’m having a total blast as a Mage.

Expect me to post mostly about WoW. Due to my lack of experience with MMOs, I feel that I do not have the credibility to talk about some subjects such as design and such as I have had a narrow view of what MMOs have to offer. However, if you like reading day to day experiences, rants, and such, and you also don’t mind reading about WoW, you might find what I have to say interesting, or at least entertaining, I hope.


7 thoughts on “Lufia reporting for duty.”

  1. Yay. Another addict.

    Welcome to WoW Anonymous.

    Hi. My name is Psy. I’m addicted to WoW. I have my own blog. It’s sickening. No, not the blog, but my addiction. I love it. I hate it. I love it.

    Wait, if it’s “Anonymous”, why did I just tell you my name?

    Anyway, I hope you get your computer upgraded soon. Makes a huge difference when you can actually see the landscape more than 20 feet in front of you, and still be able to fight in the middle of a raid.

    Actually, I do have my own WoW blog. Feel free to visit. Mostly rogue stuff, but general stuff, too. I think you can just click on my name or something to get there.

    Oh, you speak of farming in FFXI? I’d like to see how you compare it to WoW farming once you get to that point.

    Welcome again!


  2. >>>
    Oh, you speak of farming in FFXI? I’d like to see how you compare it to WoW farming once you get to that point.

    I made it to level 30 of 75 in FFXI. I didn’t have the absolute best gear, but I had pretty good gear – definitely nothing to be ashamed of. My subjob was appropriately levelled. I had to farm for two weeks prior to when I pushed for 30, in order to have the gil for the gear that I knew I would need when I got there. Lots of running around with the Chinese gil farmers logging in Ghelsba, lots of dead Yagudo for 0 xp, lots of fishing for moat carp. And after 30 the prospects didn’t look like they were going to be any better. Farming in WoW is _nothing_ like that.

  3. Wow Hyd, I never had to farm until I got my Sniper’s Ring some where above level 50.

    I dont know why some people have such differences in farming. Oh well.

    Good to have you abroad lufia.

  4. Funny thing is, sometimes I just WANT to farm/grind. It’s brainless entertainment sometimes.

  5. >>>
    Wow Hyd, I never had to farm until I got my Sniper’s Ring some where above level 50.

    I was playing a WAR/MNK, and to tank effectively (in my mind at least) I had to have at least the best conventional gear that I could get my hands on. My full set of chain at lvl 24 was something like 50-60K gil IIRC. Me and a RL friend killed beetles for three nights straight in Juegner until I bagged it and paid 28K for a Neckchopper. Granted none of this stuff was bind on pickup or bind on use a’la WoW, and you could resell it or hand it down to alts or linkshell mates. But it just seemed that I was always farming for the next thing, and it was ‘farm two-three weeks, level in one weekend.’ Being the only WAR in my linkshell didn’t help much either – all the paladins, dark knights, etc were long removed from their WAR days, if they ever had them, and had zip for handmedowns.

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