Agony And Recklessness

[World of Warcraft] My undead warlock hit level 18 last night. I learned a few new tricks during this level, as well as gaining an interesting new skill.

The new skill is called “Create Soulstone”. What this does is it creates a soulstone out of a soulshard. The soulstone, when applied to someone, can be used by that person to self-resurrect. Now my understanding is that you can only make one every 30 minutes and they only last 30 minutes so it’s not like I can go around handing them out to people. But, the nice thing is that I can use it myself.

If you are not sure what a soulshard is, I’ll sum it up for you. Basically, a warlock casts a special spell on a monster just before it dies. If successful, you will capture the monster’s soul in a soulshard. Warlocks use these for various things, like summoning demons and people (or creating soulstones now).

I also learned a few new tricks (new to me anyway). I started using my voidwalker demon for pulling. I would send him in to gain aggro, and recall him. When the monster attacking him wandered into range for my attacks I would tell the voidwalker to start attacking again, and I would attack as well. Worked pretty well as the monsters kept their distance from me.

Another trick I learned was really nice for me. One of the things I hate is when a monster starts to run away when it gets low on health (not all monsters do this). Warlocks have curses they can cast on monsters. You can only have one curse on at a time. Normally, I use the “Curse of Agony” which is a damage-over-time curse. I noticed one of the other curses, “Curse of Recklessness”, has a side-feature of keeping monsters from fleeing. So, I started casting CoR at the end of the battle, just before the time when a monster might run. It was a great to not have to worry about a monster running away and pulling in more bad guys.

All and all an enjoyable evening.

– Ethic

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4 thoughts on “Agony And Recklessness”

  1. The soulstone is a neat get-out-of-jail-free card for soloing, but it really shines in groups – you use it on the Priest, rather than yourself. Then when you get one of those all too familiar “No really… Out. Of. Mana. Please don’t pu-” total wipeout moments, you all stay down, the mobs all go back to their posts and the Priest can then bounce right back up and raise everyone else.

    Of course in a group like that it’s questionable whether the Priest really *wants* to live again, but accidents do happen.

  2. Trick:

    Jump into Un’Goro.

    Stand on the side of the top of Un’Goro (on the Tanaris side). Have a VW. Run. Jump. Try to clear middling ledges. About 1/2 way down (maybe a little less), hit sacrifice. Pray.

    (I’ve done it, it’s so fun!)

    Oh, if you land halfway or something, and survive, summon another VW and do it again from there.

  3. I would actually recommend giving SS to the highest level rezzer (remember, Paladins and Shamans have a regular rez as well). Frequently you’ll run into lower level priests because healers are more accepted in instances, even if they’re slightly below minimum level for that instance. This means aggro range is larger (the aggro range difference between 2+ levels is fairly noticeable) and thus if you’re in a tight rezzing situation, the higher level will have a less chance to be aggroed. At least, that’s how I see it. I don’t think there’s anything special about a Priest rezzing compared to a Paladin or Shaman.

    Note: I’m aware Druids can rez, but I’d rather them save it since it is a battle rez after all and I believe it has a hefty cooldown and reagent required as well, am I wrong (too lazy to look it up XD)?

  4. With patch 1.7, I would refrain from jumping and depending on a bubble to keep you safe. They removed fall damage from the damage types protected against with such spells/abilities.

    Why on earth they would do that, and not spend time on something more productive I will never know.

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