WoW Patch 1.7

[World of Warcraft] The big news is a new raid instance (which I will probably never run) and a new battleground. The new battleground, Arathi Basin, is a 15 on 15 battle where you must control as many of the 5 resources as possible and be the first to accumulate 2000 combined resources. It was still a bit laggy today, but I’ll be back with a fuller review once it has been out a few days.

Also, for those who care, they have opened 2 RP PvP realms.


3 thoughts on “WoW Patch 1.7”

  1. I was hoping to write up a little post yesterday on this, but without access to my higher level and the fact that it appears no true lowbies want to do AB, I did nothing yesterday. I sat three hours in the queue yesterday…fun. I’m about to go try it again but I think I’ll log onto my brother’s account so I can get into the 50-59 BG, which is probably much more active.

  2. I am both intensely interested in – and terrified of – the new PvP/RP servers. They could be *so* cool – or just horribly wrong…

    Arathi Basin is great btw ;) – Queue times were fast (on our server anyway) and lag artifacts were few and far inbetween.

  3. Yeah, at least at the higher levels Arathi Basin is hopping. All I can say is, get your time in quick because reputation is SLOW on that BG and when people inevitably stop playing it in a month you’ll want to be as far along the reputation trail as possible.

    I’m just praying that their Alterac changes boost attendance there for a month. That would be enough to get me to exalted.

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