I have an itch

Well, after reading Zxyrox’s last post about EVE Online, I got an incredible itch to play a space combat game. One of my earliest adventures into online gaming was a game called Dark Space. It’s a p2p space combat strategy game. After downloading the 501MB EVE Online client and realizing that I had to buy an account to get the free trial (I should have known, I feel so stupid), I decided to try out my old addiction, Dark Space.

Dark Space is free to download and you can make a demo account which allows you access to some newbie games but severely limits you to what ranks you can obtain and other such things. However, it has been about four years since I’ve last played the game. The game hasn’t really changed much it doesn’t seem, at least in terms of look and gameplay. The only change that really irked me was that they added some music, which is nice, but I used to love traveling through space with the sound of nothing but some weird radio signals. Now it’s like I’m listening to the Halo soundtrack or something. What’s this? My stealth bomber has a CD player? Yes, in the future we still use CDs.

The most disappointing thing, however, is that the demo community seems to be pretty dead and it’s not even close to a game I would spend $10 on every month. The only populated demo server is a map that takes place in the whole universe, which means it takes about 7 minutes just to jump to a portion of space that has any action going on in it, and being a demo with only access to low rank ships, it sucks to take 7 minutes to jump and then about 10 seconds to die.

Yep, I doubt I’ll be playing Dark Space much unless another map gets put up. Way to scratch my itch Dark Space. You can find Dark Space here, but don’t count on the demo really making you want to play it.


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