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warlock[World of Warcraft] A good friend of mine offered to take my level 20 Undead Warlock through Shadowfang Keep in hopes of getting one of the good drops at the end. The final guy drops one of a selected few choice things and several of them would be good for me.

We worked our way through the keep (ok, he worked our way through) and we made it to the end with no problems thanks to the fact that we have done this about 8 times total together. The drop was a really nice belt that I’ll be able to use in a few levels. I also leveled to 21 during the run. We plan to go back and hope for the robes. I’ll probably hit 22 in that process as well.

The Imp in phase-shift is nice for things like this. The stamina buff gives me an additional 100 hit points and he is safe from attack so we don’t have to worry about aggro issues. I kept myself soulstoned just in case I got killed and would thus be able to rez on the spot.

Really, the whole run was good for me. I improved several armor pieces, a few of them were blue items including two rings. Nice!

I must say, even though I’ve only done two instances, Shadowfang Keep is my favorite. I guess that doesn’t say much but a few level 60 players I know say it is one of their favorites too.

On another note, the same guild that sent me a blind invite a while back has done so again. Same way. Even if you didn’t have a stupid guild name, I would not join you because of the way you invite random strangers to the guild. I would, however, be willing to join a fun guild that isn’t into hard core raiding and such all the time. If you know of a good, fun, laid-back Horde guild on Hellscream, let me know.

– Ethic

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  1. I believe SFK was the first and only place I ninja looted. It was some cloth shoulders and I was on my Shamn, which wear leather at low levels, and even though the cloth armor was maybe 30 armor less than the leather ones I had (30 armor isn’t gonna do jack), I rolled for them cuz the stats were much better. XD I got chewed out…had to learn the hard way that you only equip the highest armor class you can.

    Have you done WC yet (I can’t remember)? It’s an 18-20 instance in the barrens, but people will be more than glad to take you.

    In my switch to alliance, I’ve noticed that horde have better overall low level instances. Horde have one for people under level 18, which alliance don’t have, and alliance have Stockades, which is the most boring, unoriginal instance ever (people only do it to grind for XP because the loot is overall pretty horrid plus it’s really short with lots of enemies). But I have to say, Gnomeregan has pretty much more than made up for what Alliance is lacking. It’s pretty fun an unique, plus it has various challenges throughout, making it an overall more difficult instance (which can be good or bad, especially since it’s a lowbie intance).

  2. Nope, never once have I been inside Wailing Caverns. Some day perhaps.

    With just me and my friend in Shadowfang Keep and him being level 60, I got to do all the looting. Like a kid in a candy store.

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