I like being a slippery Gnome…

[World of Warcraft] I was strolling through Stranglethorn Vale one day, minding my own business. I was making my way to Booty Bay because us Alliance, unlike Horde, don’t have another flight point in STV except in BB while Horde have GG and BB. This is quite a long journey for a wee Gnome like me to make on foot with no mount. I pass a couple of Alliance dueling on the path, which is a stupid thing to do on a PvP server, and I see an Orc run past on a wolf. He stops next to the duelers and I think he’s going to gank them, so I continue on running minding my own business. What do you know? He doesn’t kill them and instead keeps running down the path in the direction I’m going.

So I’m thinking, “Ok, he must be a nice Orc.” Of course, I hear the “roar” of him dismount and obviously I expect the worse. He’s a warrior, so I wait for him to charge and stun me so I can blink out of it. He does, just like any warrior would do. So after blinking I turn and use polymorph and have to use my Gnome racial to get out of his hamstring. I was expecting him to intercept me (in-combat charge), but maybe he was a bit cocky. Needless to say, even though he was a skull to me (he ended up being a level 50 something), he was off eating some grass as a sheep while I continued my stroll.

A few seconds later he tries again. The same exact thing happens. I continue skipping down the path some more until he then tries another time but this time I ran into a 60 Alliance mage. Yep, the warrior got owned. Then a level 60 Orc warrior attacked followed up by a lower level shaman, who earth shocked me, but I cast frost nova on him and ran away. Instead of chasing me, he decides to help the 60 Warrior try and kill the 60 mage. I turn around once I see that he’s not chasing me and by the time I catch back up, the mage was already starting to kill the Shaman, so I added my scorch and fireblast in for the finishing blow.

Did I mention the level 60 mage was a Gnome as well? Yep…being a slippery Gnome rocks. Being a slippery Gnome mage rocks even more. Eat grass you stupid sheep! Why would you want to harm little ‘ol me anyways? I’m just as cute as can be!


5 thoughts on “I like being a slippery Gnome…”

  1. More tales from PvP land, please! I have a little gnome mage somewhere out there but my undead warlock gets all my attention lately.

  2. Your story reassures my decision to not play on PvP servers. Last thing I’d want while trying to go somewhere is to have someone decide they want to fight me and interrupt my trip. I’m sure that PvP players like this extra added thrill, to me it is just something I call “pain in the ass”.

  3. Well, there’s always a payback. I didn’t mention in my little story, but near the enterance to BB when I finally reached it, I saw a level 15 horde run by and I finished him off with two spells. He didn’t need to be there anyways. *evil laugh*

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