Betrayal and Revenge, ZX style

eve 01[EVE Online] Last weekend I was literally turned on by the HUZZAH federation, and was put on KOS for the allience, this occurred after I left the alliance for my own reasons, tried to leave on a good note, but apparantly it can’t be so, on my way out of providence in my kestrel frigate Mr Zarniewoop, executor of the HUZZAH federation attepted to gank me, results 4u!

2005.09.25 22:25:00

Victim: Zarniewoop
Corporation: Galactic Shipyards Inc
Destroyed Type: Typhoon
Solar System: Kheram
System Security Level: 0.4

Involved parties:

Name: Zxyrox (laid the final blow)
Security Status: 0.7
Alliance: Unknown
Corporation: The International House Of Pancakes
Ship Type: Kestrel
Weapon Type: Bloodclaw Light Missile I

I hope they think twice before tangling with t3h kessie again!


5 thoughts on “Betrayal and Revenge, ZX style”

  1. Good greif…what happened?

    (For reference: The Typhoon is an 80 million ISK ship – a top-end battleship, and the Kestrel is a 150 thousand ISK ship – a disposable newbie missile frigate. They have a similar difference in fittings, power and capbilities. Pilot skill on the other hand obviously can’t be bought…)

  2. What he said. I can’t even take on level 2 NPC missions without getting my ass shot off in my Tristan. And I thought that Tristan was pretty well equipped.

  3. Only thing I can think of is that the phoon was set up for insta gank sniping, but missed and so had no repairer….

    Once the kessie is in range to scramble & web, goodbye BS.

  4. Dude…. you pwn’d a ‘phoon in a Kessie? In a Kessie? Was there a revertive patch on missiles or something?

    OMSG (Oh My Strawberry God)….. Dude, that’s just…. hillarious.

  5. Im assuming he was a gank ‘phoon, i got in range of him scrmabled webbed and oribited around him and everything went miss, miss, miss. thats what i like about eve, cant substitute isk for skill :P

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