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eve 01[EVE Online] I’ve spent the last week or two reading up on various corporations in EVE. I’ve been trying to find one that meets my ideals. Lately I’m missing out on the social aspect in game since a few people quit and a few people went off to PvP land.

I’ve got my eye on one that seems just about perfect for me. I’ll be contacting them soon to see how we mesh. One item of concern for me is that I plan to write here about things we do, so I’ll need to bring it up and see what they think about it. I am willing to keep some things out of the limelight, but being that this is a corp with all intentions of being neutral I don’t think it will be a huge issue.

Also, I’m going to have to sell some of my ships. I’m going to follow the rule, “don’t fly anything you can’t afford to replace”. I currently have a ship that is way over my head so it will need to go into mothballs for a while. I’ll sell the other ones I don’t need as I am assuming I’ll be relocating once I get “hired” by a corporation.

– Ethic

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  1. I was of the understanding that you were leaving Eve Online (your words). Are you staying? If so can you take the time to expand upon why? I actually joined and am one click away from subscribing, thanks to you. Lurking fans want to know, what the fuck?

  2. I’m not leaving EVE any time soon. My account did expire temporarily when I had too much going on. Hopefully I can find a good corp to work with soon.

    Why am I staying? I’ve never found a game like EVE. It is so open ended. It seems like there is no limit to what you can do in game. I really like the out of game training since I get busy and can still keep improving my character. That is a big plus to me.

    Most of the people I know that played EVE quit so I sort of got bored but the game is pulling me back in. Now I just need to meet some new people.

    There also might be some confusion. There are currently 7 people writing here and 4 or 5 of them played EVE at one time or another.

  3. Yeah, I reactivated it after I wrote that post. It was not really an intentional cancellation. I do sometimes tend to subscribe and then immediately cancel so if I decide I don’t like a game it will automatically quit charging me after it expires. In this case, I pretty much forgot to extend the subscription.

  4. EvE can lick my left nut, while choking to death on the right one…

    I quit this PoS of a game for one simple reason: The cool person to Fucktard ratio was way off. I think I met maybe 6 cool people in this game, and the rest I would’nt trust to fuck up a peanutbutter sandwich.

    There is waaaaay to much ego in EvE for me to even consider going back. Couple that with the retards, and perverts… nah, I can find better uses for my dollars.

    Typical chat window content…. “I just pwned xyz…” or “I just had sex with xyz…” and on occassion, you get “I strangled xyz after having sex….”

    Too many troubled souls (and I exclude those that read/post here) play that game. If they had, and enforced a decent ToS, I might consider the game. As-is…. I’d rather pound sand.

  5. How do you really feel?

    Anyway, I must have not run into those people yet, most everyone I have met so far are pretty damned mature. Maybe I’m lucky, or maybe I just have not played enough. We’ll see.

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