3 Bosses, 2 Tanks, 1 Victory.

[Final Fantasy XI] Just completed chapter 2 of Chains of Promathia. The battle, which involves defeating 3 faceless baddies, is said by some to be one of the toughest battles in the game.

Beat it on the first try… I am so uber.

Well, not exactly on the first try but only because we did a dry run first to test my strategy.

I have come to believe that every single CoP mission boss has a weakness and SE designed it this way.

The strategy of body aggroing the three bosses with the paladin and having the white mage spam cures on the main tank while the rest of the group deals with one at a time works wonders.

The Yellow Liquid is fantastic for this fight especially for ninja tanks, as it locks the boss into one of its four forms for about a minute. Get it on the polearm form of the boss and the attacks are so slow that you wont have a problem with it at all. The paladin with the white mage can take anything as long as they have MP.

I even screwed up and threw the Yellow Liquid on one while it was in warrior form. This is a bad idea because it attacks so fast.

From what I saw they had four forms. No job (great except for transmogrification), Polearm (Dragoon), Staff (Black Mage) and Sword (Warrior). Try to lock it on Polearm. Don’t lock it on Sword >.< Also, dont let the main tank engage the last mob before the second one is dead. If they do that then they can get hate from the white mage that is still curing the main tank. I would save all your special attacks for the second mob. ringthree