Another Day In The ‘Verse

[EVE Online] I took some time off from my job search. It seems most corporations out here have odd work hours and they don’t much jive with my sleep hours. So I need to find a few corporations that operate when I do.

In the meantime, I found I nice deal on an Osprey just a few jumps away from my current home station. I placed the order and jumped in a shuttle. I picked up the Osprey and promptly named it “Rock Tumbler”. The Osprey is a good ship for mining.

I needed to order a few parts for the ship, namely a few good mining lasers. I found a deal for 4 of them in Jita, which was 6 jumps away, so I insured the Osprey and off I went.

I arrived in Jita and picked up my lasers. I had the local fitment department install them for me, but they told me I would only be able to install 3 of them as my CPU needed upgrading if I wanted all 4. Therefore, I decided to slap a missle launcher on the fourth slot for a little pirate defense. I purchased 3 drones for defense, but I might put a mining drone in there for a little assistance in crushing rocks. I also installed an afterburner for a little extra boost when needed.

I traveled back to my home system to give the Osprey a test run. Warped out to the nearest asteroid belt. When I dropped out of warp, my proximity alarm went off. 4 pirates nearby, closing fast. I launched the drones, which did not go as smoothly as I would have liked because I couldn’t find the proper attack command sequence for them. Eventually, I did get them out before the rats were right on top of me.

I located the nearest rat and weapon-locked on to it. My missles started flying and soon he was nothing but vapor. The drones took out 2 of the remaining 3 rats while I was positioning myself for a clean shot on the fourth. I recalled the drones as the rat came into view from behind a large ‘roid. Missles away and more vapor. The drones did not escape damage-free, so I’ll have a few repairs when I get back to the station.

I activated my scanner and located the nearest hunk of scordite. A little shot from the afterburner and I was within range for my mining lasers to dig in. Turned those beasts on and soon my cargo hold was filling up. As this was just a test run, I did not feel like mining so long that I needed a hauler for the ore. Once full, I headed for home.

– Ethic

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5 thoughts on “Another Day In The ‘Verse”

  1. Osprey only has 3 turret slots anyways so you wont be able to fit the 4th laser. Meanwhile the launcher + drones should be enough to take out any rats you encounter down to .5 space

  2. Any chance you could drop me an email? I’ve recently started playing Eve and I think I want to go the Bounty-Hunter route (munching rocks is too boring, and I don’t much enjoy being a pirate), I’ve managed to get a decent start on my own (net worth about half a million ISK after 12-16 hours of play), but the costs for a decent hunter build seem a little exhorbitant to my newbie budget, and the ship loadouts are so poorly documented I’m having a hard time figuring out what I should do. You can see the emails attached to these comments, right?

  3. I hadn’t even noticed that winter. I guess the fitment crew was just trying to get me to buy a few more parts heh. Good catch.

    Dave, I can send you an email or you can email me, link is on the right. I honestly have no idea what I could tell you about becoming a bounty hunter as I have not come anywhere close to tracking down some of the wanted criminals. Or do you mean to just hunt down your everyday pirate that hangs out near the asteroids in Empire space?

  4. Start out hunting the NPC’s, maybe work my way up (although the major pirates are obviously way beyond a solo effort). I’ll send you an email.

  5. Bounty hunting will take a long time…

    Best advice when starting out is to purchase the learning skills and train them up to at least level 3. Get Learning to level 1, then the one that gives you +1 to Memory to level 1, then the one that gives intelligence. Then do learning again, mem, int etc. Then you can get the perception and willpower ones up.

    If you plan on playing for a year or more, spending time on learning skills will really pay off. Once you get some ISK, get the advanced learning ones (again do mem, int until say level 3 then switch to perception and willpower).

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