Green Chicken

wow[World of Warcraft] Ah, the big four oh. That’s the number 40 for those who are not stupid enough to comprehend me. That’s also the level I just reached on my second character in WoW. That means I get a mount, baby. Yeah!

As I hit 40 and vendored some items from grinding and questing beforehand, I lacked 9 silver to get my mount. My brother lent me some money so I’d have enough to buy it and put stuff up on the AH, but he’s poor as well since he just bought his ram. Needless to say, I’ve only bought two of my level 40 abilities and probably still have about 10g worth of abilities to buy. I have some farming to do. It was a lot easier for my Shaman to get money for my mount and still have some left over for abilities.

Anywho, this is my second mount that only has two legs! Say “hello!” to Mr. Green Chicken! (I had to wave for him, he has no arms. Poor guy.)

In other news, I’ve killed my fair share of rats, what about you?


4 thoughts on “Green Chicken”

  1. Enchanting = money.

    Level 1 newb disenchanting Greater Eternal Essences from any level 51-60 green weapon. 1-3 per disenchant and can be sold for insane amounts of money. 400g alone this week.

    You can get started with as little as 20G.

  2. Yep (I believe it even requires you to kill ten rats), but I was just killing them for fun. They spawn very quickly because of said quest, so you can pile up the bodies. I got a few “WTF” from people who were passing by. That was only half the rats I had killed at the moment. XD

  3. BTW, the quest actually requires you to TAME rats…You’ll go into the tram one day and here a weird flute-like noise and then you’ll notice a lowbie running around with rats following him. It’s a sight to be had.

    Anyways…I’m level 41, one level after I bought my mount, and I’ve already gained back 50g. Kinda funny how I gained over half the price of a mount back only one level after I purchased it when it took me 40 levels to get the whole 90g. And no, I probably only farmed a bout 10g at most of that 50g. I’m not really sure how I did it. I did get pretty lucky and win a lot of greed rolls in RFD. I’m also pimped in several piece of blue equipment now, which is pretty dandy for a level 41 who has not blown a lot of money on AH equipment.

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