WTF is Limbus?

FFXI[Final Fantasy XI] SE is introducing something called Limbus, specifically Limbus: “Temenos” and “Apollyon.” The description sound like it will be a Dynamis style event, which are huge 64 person groups that fight a zone full of monsters. There was very little detail and nothing given on the developers page. There is alot of speculation though, as it appears that the area this might take place in would be in “Sea” the high level CoP mission areas. So far we know that Temenos means the area of and around a religious place and Apollyon is a greek term used basically to describe destruction. Also the term Limbus implies Limbo and all its attendant vagueness.


Did Dynamis leave you thirsty for another challenge? We bring you “Limbus,” coming in the October version update! Upon the completion of certain requirements, players will be able to enter one of the two mysterious new areas that comprise Limbus: “Temenos” and “Apollyon.” Check the version update details in October for more information!

Also, a one-way door in the Grand Palace of Hu’Xzoi will become accessible from both sides for players who have advanced far enough through the “Chains of Promathia” story.

Oh yeah, that last part, it sounds like they are openning a gate in the Grand Palace for those that have gotten far enough through CoP missions that they shouldn’t have to spend the 1+ hours it takes to go the long way.