COV NDA kthxbye

cov[City of Villains] The NDA for City of Villains is gone, so anyone who was looking for info about it may now be successful. The most amusing comment I’ve seen to date is, “You know everything you wanted them to do with COH? They did that with COV.” The most interesting info I’ve seen to date is this, which is Hero Planner with the COV powers instead of COH powers – not pretty, but it works. I have no idea if that thing is up to date, though.

So if anyone who has been testing it wants to say something, consider it an open comments thread. Oh, and I hear good things about COV inherent powers, so feel free to mention those if you know them. :)

: Zubon

8 thoughts on “COV NDA kthxbye”

  1. Long level grind…they utterly screwed my ice contoller with the one pet only nerf…the other nerfs to my controller…the recent nerfs to enhancements I’ve been reading about…

    Why is it I should try CoV again?

  2. ***Masterminds***

    Yes, and they and every other CoV archetype will get the CRAP nerfed outta them within a couple of “issues”.

  3. I know this is a little off topic, but do they actually release your character names for re-use by others after 90 days on a cancelled account? If so, that is a major red X for COH in my book.

  4. Apparently, that is scheduled to happen soon. They have never done that, but they want to free up names for the expected rush of new players. I suppose that most accounts three+ months gone are not coming back, and this will convince some of those folks to either (1) come back for COV and to keep their character names alive (2) fully decide to go away and not bother them again.

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