No Blizz Con for Me. IGN Live Here I Come!

[IGN Live] Well even if I could afford the $120 for BlizzCon or the $85 to just go to the event and miss out on the Offspring concert, I wouldn’t be able to go. The event is sold out. As much as I enjoy WoW and Offspring (wouldn’t mind having a pet murloc either), the line up was always underwhelming to me. Panels about StarCraft: Ghosts (which I have played at Comic Con, contrary to the claim on the BlizzCon site that it will host the 1st public hands on gameplay), fan costume contests, playing Blizzard games on LAN, etc. Nothing really stood out aside from the Offspring concert, although they have said that detail about the WoW expansion will be announced at the con. I’m sure the details will be all over the internet a few minutes after they are announced anyways.

Still, I give it up to Blizzard for having such an event for their fans and I wish them well. It speaks to their popularity that they sold out even at a fairly high price (to be fair, Sony Fan Faire costs the same). While I disagree with the principle of charging such a high price for what is essentially a weekend commercial (let’s face it, this isn’t really a convention like E3 or Comic Con, no one is going to decided to play WoW based on what they see at the con) for the company, I can’t fault them for it as people are obviously willing to pay. I just hope that in the future they can find a way to get more fans without as much disposable income to their events. The lowered price non concert ticket was a good start.

In other news, next week I’ll be headed down to the place that will be hosting BlizzCon in 2 weeks: the Anaheim Convention Center for IGN Live. It looks like it is aiming to be a mini E3 and thanks to their generous offer for subscribers I will be checking it out and reporting back.

On a totally different topic: that call at the end of game 2 of the ALCS was moronic.