Lately I’ve been finding EVE getting less and less fun. Many people who I knew quit weeks or months ago, I’ve had nothing but constant setbacks in which cases I lost a Raven to a level 4 mission, and in a strange turn of events, my scorpion to Concord. I’m trying my hand at an Appocalypse battleship now, this of course means I need to train up skills I didn’t previously have as a missile user, the training to fly the ship -WELL- will take about 2 months, I’ve been sitting in station doing nothing, with occasional mining, I haven’t done any pvp for 2 weeks, getting bored :/. I might go back and try WoW again, or try something new, not sure yet.


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  1. Funny you write this today, when I was feeling the same way this morning. When I look at the MMO industry right now, all I see is a thinly desguised effort to take something fun and stretch it out, but not so far that you don’t notice the dimished level of fun being provided. Over the weekend, EVE felt just like Progress Quest to me, watching my numbers get bigger while I could do nothing to affect it.

    Meh indeed.

  2. These games tend to be the most fun right when you start out and are still learning stuff.

    I’m still learning the basics of EVE, and see before me a vast array of future virtual financial endeavors. Right now, I’m doing the WoW / Eve juggling act. WoW for my pvp, Eve for my entrepreneurship. It seems to be working decently… for now.

    What’s the next big thing that will transcend everything we now know of?

    DnD Online?

    NWN 2?

    … the Matrix Online? (joking, of course).

    Something completely different, or a rearrangement of what’s already commonplace, but just better?

  3. I think the game fatigue you describe is no different that what you see in console or single-player games. You can only play them so long before you get tired of the repetition.

    The only difference is that with single-player games, you dont get the updates/open-ended factor. None the less… you can only mash Shift+1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 4 so many times before you want to move on.

  4. hhhmm as I’ve said before, you get out of EVE what you put in. It is a virtual world experience, not so much a gamey experience.

    I tried to play WoW again the other day, but just looking at my level 1 guy and all those kills ahead of me, basically playing by myself due to being an Aussie and I shut it down after 10 minutes…

  5. I’m not sure any of these games can entertain indefinitely, or are ever likely to.

    Perhaps the nearest thing to longetivity in an MMO is ‘returnability’ – some MMOs I’ll revisit after half a year or so and try another month or two, whereas others I’ll never play again.

    Winter has a point though – EVE seems much more about the players than the game itself, and not something you can really solo for any long period of time in the same way you can in something like WoW.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not leaving EVE. I recognize what is there and what I can do, it’s just that right now for what I’m doing it is mostly sitting in a station. I’m planning on starting my own corporation soon so if anyone wants in on starting one up from the beginning, hop into the KTR channel over the next week or so and we’ll get it going. Unless someone talks me out of it.

    I’ll also be playing WoW off and on for the variety and break I get from EVE. Z, send me your in-game name via email and I’ll try to hook up with you. I have characters from the low levels up to 30 or so.

  7. Might take you up on that KTR corporation thing. Killing NPCs in a neverending effort to get enough cash for my cruiser is definitely sapping my will to live.

    Something I’m surprised nobody’s tried yet (or at least I haven’t heard of it) is to carve out their own space empire out in 0.0 space. To see if they and a few hundred of their closest friends can’t provide the basic service of pirate clearance and bringing hangar thieves, etc to some sort of rough justice. i.e. the minimum Hobbesian requirements of the state.

  8. Goes to show exactly how much of an EvE n00b I am. At any rate, are some of the powers in these regions actually enforcing ‘Law West of the Pecos’, or does the color just indicate which brand of pirate will most likely be podding you?

  9. Well, if you travel in those areas and are not on friendly terms with the corps/alliance that is in charge, you may very likely get blown up or at least chased out by real live people. The NPC rats out there have no care who you are, they will fight anyone.

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