Mages conspire. Blizzard is /scared.

wow[World of Warcraft] I like to visit the Blizzard WoW forums in my “I dunno WTF to do” moods. I typically visit the class forums, which means the mage forums currently, considering that’s my main class right now.

The mage forums were actually getting pretty sickening. Mages feel forgotten and gimped, and they have no reassurance from Blizzard, beyond the promise of an invisible spell a while ago, which has not been added or even explained or hinted at when it will be added since then. Beyond that, there has not been a “blue” post yet (“blue” refers to a Blizzard rep who posts on the forums).

Of course, this can simply be classified as the typical class whining you see on almost every class forum. However, I’d say a good 80% of topics on each page of the mage forums is filled with complaints, proofs of gimpness, or joke topics making fun of the situation.

Yesterday (or was it two days ago? Where am I…) some people posted a couple or so posts talking about a mage strike. I’m assuming they were thinking of something along the lines of the warrior strike a long time ago (as seen here at The Cesspit). Later that day, guess what happens! A “blue,” named Tseric, posts! In fact, he’s still posting. What’s the problem? Well, he appears to be at the mage forums for no reason, except making them even madder. The only thing he has said thus far has only described that the future for mages doesn’t appear to be changing much. In fact, most of his posts are either stupid joke posts, which he got flamed for and has not done since, or posts arguing against mages for their complaints. It’s a funny coincidence that this guy comes to our forums the day people begin posting about a strike.

I believe he stepped on an ant bed. A lot of the complaints are about fire mages. It must be a fire ant bed. Ouch!


3 thoughts on “Mages conspire. Blizzard is /scared.”

  1. Gotta love those Blizzard WoW forums. I gave up posting there a long time ago as any constructive post gets flamed and any joke post results in a 50 page thread repeating the original joke. No matter how well thought out the post there is always going to be that one guy that will go out of his way to prove you wrong. For example, I once made a comment about how hunters shouldn’t be main tanks (one offhand, half joking comment in a long post praising hunters). I got a half dozen posts from people who found a way where hunters could have an insane ammount of stamina by wearing certain armor, getting certain enchants, and having certain buffs. Of course it would be insane for a hunter to get stamina as a primary stat, which pretty much every other poster on the thread said. This set off a huge flame war between hunters who believed they should be tanks and everyone else. I pretty much gave up on the forums after that.

  2. Ha if Mages think they are gimped they need to understand they aren’t tanks…

    Running in and spamming AOE in PvP will get you killed.

    Overdoing damage will get you killed in a raid… like any other class.

    They seem to just want to spam a button and do damage instead of actually having to play their class.

    The only ground casters can stand on is the fact that gear doesn’t help them at all. Watch World of Roguecraft video #3 and it breaks it down quite well. Blizzard if they are too do anything… it would be to make stats have more of an effect for casters.

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