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Not much to say here as I haven’t tried it, but free is free.

– Ethic

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7 thoughts on “Free Dofus”

  1. Interesting. It looks a lot like a mix between Ragnarok Online and Maple Story’s art style. I might need to try it out with my brother over the weekend.

  2. Man, that Dofus art style makes my eyes bleed. FFXI was bad enough, but that was downright painful.

  3. OK…yeah…this game sucks, or at least that would be my first opinion. I might sit down and try to play it again, but I doubt it.

    The game is set up on a grid system. You don’t see the grid while moving around normally but you do in battle. You click to do everything. Battles are turn based (yes, you can bring up to 7 other people with you). This part is interesting and I could see it being very fun, but at a low level, which I obviously am, it’s probably the most boring thing ever. I have 4 skill (I’m level 3, almost 4) and I can only kill level 1 stuff. If I even think about attacking something that’s level 2, I’ll be quickly killed because for some reason level 2s are doubly stronger than a level 1.

    On top of that, battles give minimal XP. It’s taking me forever to get to level 4 just on battles and I’ve only found ONE quest outside the initial newbie quests. This ONE quest requires me to get some mimilk (not a typo). Where do I get mimilk? Who the hell knows. Of course, there’s vendors sitting right next to the quest giver, Ragnarok/FFXI style, but guess what! The cheapest price on mimilk was 30 kamas (the currency in this weird ass game)! Guess how much kamas I had! 1! Hellz yeah!

    Honestly…I’ve never been so confused as to how to start out in a game. Hell, even EVE didn’t confuse me this much. It’s not that I don’t know how to play Dofus, it’s just there seems to be impossible to get past the early levels without shooting yourself first.

    PS: The game isn’t as free as you think. From what I’ve read, if you don’t p2p, you can only access the starting town and the areas around it. After that you can only look at the other areas but you can’t do anything else.

  4. I’ve played Dofus for a bit, and I think the main problem with it is that the combat was just too slow. It uses an igo-ugo system of combat, which basically if you are in a fight with 7 ppl, you will only actually be doing stuff about 1/7th of the time, else you’ll just be watching a fairly inactive screen. I could also add that the UI was fairly unresponsive, and it did not have the ability to queue commands ahead of your move. Those features would help much in speeding up the combat.

  5. Well, despite my words, I gave it another try. I decided my problem was the class and not the game. I was partly true. The class I chose was some rare item finding class…hell if I can remember the weird name, but it’s the one that can throw shovels. Yeah. That class is a pain in the butt to fight with (it even says they’re horrible fighters, which I misread). I chose the time mage guys (starts with an X). I leveled up quick with them and was soloing two equal or higher level enemies and I was actually having fun!

    Then the game started to become repetitive, even though by level 5 I had my brother come along. That actually made it even more boring because for some reason when you’re in a battle with other players, it adds lag between turn changes. If you’ve ever played Gunbound, you’ll know what I mean. It’s horrendous.

    Even if combat was fluid, the game just doesn’t seem very deep to me. It reminds me a lot like how Ragnarok plays (minus the battle system), though I think Ragnarok is a bit more polished (even though I hate the skill tree system in that game). It’s just a lot of hacking and slashing trying to achieve the next level for no real reason beyond skill progression. Perhaps there is something I’m missing, but the website nor game does a good job of advertising everything the game has to offer.

  6. Its a fun game!
    I wonder why other people complain about the grafics, its supposed to be cartoonish and simple.
    Its Flash based and can be played on even the oldest windows supporting computer as long as you have internet acess.
    Great game that attracts the younger generation though they need to work on the payment methods. ( credit-cards are not very suitable for children/teenagers)

  7. I like it.
    Its fun, the traiding, the jobs,..
    And the quests, they are not that hard, but yeah if you don’t even see that you get kama’s for shooting some animals…..

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