Rumors laid to rest.

wow[World of Warcraft] We have just recieved our first OFFICIAL word on the expansion, which is entitled The Burning Crusade. Rather than boring you with the details or my opinions, I’ll leave you to your viewing pleasure.

One last note, however. Blizzcon starts today and goes on into tomorrow. We have been promised the revealing of the expansion. Lets just hope they reveal even more than they already have.

Here’s some magazine scans from CGW. These are not my scans; however, they are my uploads. They are much too big to simply fit them on the site and resizing would reduce your ability to read them, so I will link.

Scan 1
Scan 2
Scan 3
Scan 4
Scan 5

Lastly, here’s the official website.

Look for more information as the days progress.


2 thoughts on “Rumors laid to rest.”

  1. Added Blood Elves, in my opinion, is pretty damned cheesy. Hey! Let’s add the same character model, but make them have red skin! Great!

    Please tell me they look more different than that.

    What about the other new race?

  2. They say they in their FAQ that they will not release info about the new Alliance race any time soon. Rumors have been going around about how Blizzard scrapped their idea they had about the new Alliance race (a lot of people say it was going to be Pandaren) and they’re reworking it, which is why we haven’t seen anything about it yet, but who really knows?

    I’m personally crossing my fingers that it’s NOT Pandaren. Something about Warcraft’s art style is already very cartoonish and having a panda race run around would just feel silly to me.

    I’m also a bit scared about the level 70 cap. I was really looking forward to hitting 60 and doing raids. I just hope the level 70 cap doesn’t kill the raid instances that level 60’s currently do.

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