City of Annoying Bugs

cov[City of Villains] I know that City of Villains had a beta test. I was in the tail end of it. So why am I filing a bug report at least once an hour?

A quick tour through bugs and oddities in the course of one level:

We ran a strike force Monday night. A mission door put most of the team in a wall, and /stuck put us in a different part of the wall. Half our team eventually made it into the mission through a combination of relogging, repeatedly exiting and entering the mission (load times are fun), and entertaining superstitious hypotheses about what might be a good workaround. Then the guy with Teleport logged back on, and we got the other half through.

Mastermind henchmen cannot follow you through portals. They can physically walk through them, but the glowy circle does nothing. If they can, they will try to reach you by running through every other room, bringing enemies with them. You can take them through elevators and some doors, but kill all your pets before using portals.

Have I mentioned that henchmen upgrades have been bugged? Every Mastermind has some form of Equip and Upgrade powers, which give the henchmen new powers. Those powers have not been affected by enhancements, so they either miss or do the minimum damage. Notably, robot pets can get a repeating laser attack with a long animation time, which is effectively a puppet show without enhancements. With four Masterminds on our strike force, I wondered about this. This was apparently fixed while I was editing this post.

This reminds me: there was a recent developer post explaining the process whereby power changes are documented and where things can go wrong. This is meant to explain that the developers are not engaging in stealth nerfs, at least not on purpose. If your internal documentation process leads to undocumented changes appearing in almost every patch to the game, you may want to revise that process.

Concluding our strike force, the last mission takes place in a volcano. Apparently, rivers of lava are treated as monsters, and your henchmen will try to melee them. Yeah, guys, jump in the lava and punch it out. That is very helpful.

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  1. Halloween release – I forgot where I saw it, but it’s a pretty good quote. “You’re late until you release, but you suck forever.”

  2. I should note that my missing souvenir has successfully been updated from “non-existant” to “we’re working on it.”

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