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Star Wars: Galaxies still sucks. Film at 11.

Really, all they have accomplished here is to chase away all the people willing to play that horrible excuse for a game. I gave it some decent play time, ignoring the bugs, and still could not really find any enjoyment. It is an improvement in my opinion, but not enough.

These changes may encourage some previous players to try it out for a month and many of the current players will stick around (just how much grief can you do to these people before they finally quit?) but I just don’t see any possibility of drawing in brand new players. It ain’t going to happen. The writing is on the wall my friends, the game is doomed.

– Ethic

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  1. Completely off topic….but just letting everyone know who ive played with recently, i might not be on from anywhere of 2 hours to a week, my Cable box fell off the desk and broke saturday…yay (library 4tw)

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