I leave for 5 minutes and…

wow[World of Warcraft] Patch Day for WoW, normally this would’nt be so bad. I open up the game, log in, it gets me to a patch downloader… wait what’s this…”there was a problem with (insert text here) file, reinstall World of Warcraft and seek help from Customer Service if the problem persists” So, uninstall, click.

Now I try to reinstall it, should be easy right? Wrong, I get to disk 3, and get stuck on Installing “patch.MPQ”, I canceled, tried again, same result. It’s been going for about an hour now… guess that’s it for WoW tonight….


5 thoughts on “I leave for 5 minutes and…”

  1. Well that sucks. I had a similar problem trying to install EVE on my 2nd computer. It was fine after I formatted….

  2. I got it to work finally… i decided to have a 3rd go at it after dinner and its patching now… (Eve gave me craploads of problems when I first installed it :(

  3. After the first time it popped up, it is only one step for me, but I have a shortcut to wow.exe on my desktop. Maybe try doing that?

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