Sex, Drugs, and Succubus!

[Sociolotron] I read an article in Wired the other day regarding this little indie MMO based in a post-apocalyptic London. Not exactly an original concept, but the bells and whistles make up for the lack of originality. In fact the frills almost require such a setting in order to be believable.

What makes Sociolotron unique is its dedication to the minute realisms which other MMOs, due to their mainstream audience refuse to address. Pouring the bag out on the table I will point it all out for you up front. The world allows explicit sex, murder (including perma death at higher levels), drug use, BDSM, disease (including sexually transmitted), pregnancy/abortion, rape, and mechanics to support them all. This is obviously only the things which should get your attention. Much emphasis is also put on combat, ownership, crafting, business, etc.

My first thought was that sexual involvement would be the only item of flavor for everyone playing. I was incorrect. Sex is obviously a novelty for newbies in the game, but becomes just another small part of game play after some time. There are many people who are playing the game, leveling their characters, making money, opening stores/bars/clubs, etc.

There is an urge system which intrigues me greatly and affects the life of your character. For example, if you get drunk a lot, you build up a tolerance and therefore dependence on alcohol. Likewise, if you have a lot of sex, especially with many partners, you develop a dependence on that as well. These dependencies can effect how well your mind functions in specific situations such as battle and negotiating.

There are two primary “cults” in the game; the succubus, and the inquisition. Good and evil per say. Membership within each of these grants you more abilities and shapes the type of character you role-play.

There are many government positions, including prime minister, judge, juror and more. I have not been in the game long enough to experience how these positions affect your character.

Due to the indie nature of the development, the Sociolotron visuals and interface is itself quite rough. All based on a 2D isometric engine (think starcraft/warcraft fixed camera with 3D elements), the 3D is not at all pretty, and the character models seem to be grabbed from Poser defaults (meaning they look pretty good).

After a while, you look past the crappy interface and start to really enjoy the underlying mechanics of the game. I have met some very nice people in-game and have fun sitting around talking in bars/clubs from time to time.

I must make it very clear, that this game includes a lot of explicit and profane content. If you are under the age of eighteen, prohibited from experiencing, or offended by content of this nature, you should not even think about checking out this game.

Otherwise, I would suggest you check it out and give it time to sink it. At $4 first month and $9 each additional, it is definitely something to throw a few months at. Due to the small and indie nature of the game, many GMs are around in IRC, including the founder, etc. Much closer knit team, and much more contact with the user base.



3 thoughts on “Sex, Drugs, and Succubus!”

  1. No doubt about it… This is a game for adults only. And there is no way I would ever be able to play it. Not if I planned to avoid sleeping on the couch. My wife would have my hide for sure. Hehe.

    And, to be honest it’s a bit much for my comfort level as well. I never thought I would see a game I would say that about, but this one would be it. More power to them however, as it’s nice to see game designers trying new grounds and not following the same cookie-cutter EQ clone template many MMOs do.

  2. I loved the game, you don’t have to have sex unless you want to. Before I quit playing I had alot of experience in it. I miss playing and hope to go back in a while I miss my best friend there, Jet! He was the best and taught me a lot. Most of the players there are fun people and just are there to have fun. Hi to all the guys who I miss!!! Hope to see you soon!

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